How to Inflate a Helium Balloon

How to Inflate a Helium Balloon Bookmark and Share Mylar Balloons (also called Foil Balloons) are a fun addition to your party decorations, especially if you are planning a themed party. Mylar balloons in your child's favorite character, like Elmo or Cinderella, or animal-shaped balloons for a Jungle party really add to the atmosphere. And kids love them! However, many people have questions on how exactly to inflate Mylar balloons. Follow the instructions below and enjoy your party stress-free!


What You Will Need
  • Helium Tank
  • Ribbon
  • Balloon Weight
    1. There is a small valve or opening in the "tail" of the balloon. Slide this opening onto the nozzle of the helium tank until you have a tight fit. Hold the neck of the balloon firmly around the nozzle with one hand and press on the nozzle to release the helium into your balloon.
    1. Inflate the balloon.
    1. Mylar (foil) balloons are self sealing, so just remove the nozzle from the balloon and press the valve flat to seal.
    1. Do NOT tie the ribbon around the valve of the balloon or a leak may occur. Instead, use the hole or tab located below the valve to secure the ribbon.
  1. Tie the ribbon to a balloon weight to prevent the balloon from floating away.
Balloon Tips:
  • A foil balloon can appear deflated in cold air, but it will fill out when warmed up.
  • Do not expose foil balloons to extreme heat or they can burst.

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