Hot Wheels Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on November 18, 2016

On your marks…Get set…Party! There will be no red flags here! We are all clear for a super charged good time. If you have a little racer who dreams of grabbing the gold trophy then fuel up and get those engines started because we’ve got some great ideas to get you race ready!


Kick your invitations into high gear by dropping in a supped up mini ride into the envelope! You will need some bubble mailers but you can pick those up just about any office supply store. Your guests will love the added surprise of the car and will be super charged and ready to race over to the party!


Make a statement with a black and white checkerboard backdrop behind your food table. All you need is a tablecloth. That’s right! You can attach it to a wall with wall safe tape or to your garage door. When you are done you can just toss in the trash.

Hey who threw the yellow flag?! In racing there are always yellow flags flying around which inspired this yellow flag garland made with yellow napkins and black and white twine. Red traffic cones hold the garland up across the table.

Speaking of traffic cones…they make great decorations for a Hot Wheels party. You can see here how we used them along the back of our table behind the food. The best part is that when you’re done using them as a decoration they can be used for one of your party activities like bike racing, obstacle course, or markers for a relay race.

Another fun party decoration for a Hot Wheels party are balloons that look like traffic lights. We used mylar balloons but you can use latex if you prefer. The kids loved them and thought they were really fun and creative. These would also make a great photo booth prop.


Just about anything resembling tires will work for a Hot Wheels inspired party. We chose mini pizzas but mini burgers would have worked just as well. Snacks like mini donuts: “Spare Tires”, chips: “Smashed Traffic Cones”, pretzels: “Dipsticks”, & fruit skewers: “Downed Traffic Lights” are kid favorites. You can find the free food tents here. If you have lots of kids and plan to serve lunch as well as snacks you can have stations like, “Pit Stop”, “Fueling Station”, and “Concession Stand."

Activities & Games

Obstacle Course - Obstacle courses are a great activity and they tend to tire kiddos out which the parents love! You can ask kids to bring their bikes, scooters, or big wheels and set up a course in your cul de sac or backyard.

Pin the Car on the Track – it’s like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but the Hot Wheels version.

Car Racing – Grab those tracks that your kids have in their rooms and make two tracks side by side and have team races. Winning team can win prizes. Don’t have enough track? No problem! You can get a pool noodle and cut in half…now you have two great race tracks. Super fast too.


Buy a bunch of Hot Wheels and let the kids take them home as favors. They are really inexpensive and will provide hours of fun, especially if you find the creepiest and craziest ones you can!

We also really like the Hot Wheels Wild Racer Plastic Drink Bottle because everybody needs their very own Hot Wheels water bottle! #momapproved

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