Trail Ride Fill-in-the-Blank Story

Trail Ride Fill-in-the-Blank Story

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What You'll Need:

  • 10 Paper Bags
  • Several Slips of Paper
  • Several Pens or Pencils


Label each of the paper bags with one of the categories listed below:
  • Your Name
  • A Food
  • A Thing
  • A Color
  • A Body Part
  • A Friend's Name
  • A Place
  • Any Name
  • A Game
  • An Emotion

At the Party:
  1. Place the paper bags on a table with a few small pieces of paper and pens or pencils in front of each bag.
  2. As your guests arrive, have each person write down an answer for each category and place their answers in the corresponding bags.
  3. Later on, have your guests take turns reading the story below, filling in the blanks by drawing answers from the bags that correspond with each blank in the story:
"Yesterday, I went riding on my favorite horse, ______ (any name). She's ______ (color) and loves to eat ______ (food). After she was saddled up, we decided to hit the trail and head for ______ (place). As we were trotting through the woods, I noticed it was beginning to get dark. While I was looking up at the darkening sky, ______ (friend's name) jumped out from behind ______ (thing) and scared me! I was so ______ (emotion) that I slid out of the saddle and hit my ______ (body part). Fortunately, ______ (your name) came along and helped me up. We decided to head back to my house to play ______ (game) instead of continuing on to ______ (place)."

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