Rope Tricks

Rope Tricks

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What You'll Need:

  • A rope
  • A target (e.g. a cone, box, or bucket)
  • Masking tape


  1. Practice making a lasso before the party to make sure you know how to do it.
  2. To make a lasso, form an eyelet loop by folding the end of the rope back over itself; this is the head of the lasso.
  3. Taking that same end, wrap it loosely around the rope twice, and then feed the end through the double loop that you just made; this knot is the neck of the lasso.
  4. Pull it tightly, and you have a lasso!

At the Party:

If the children are interested in learning and if time permits show them how to make a lasso, and then let each child give it a try. Otherwise, jump right into the following activities:

Rope the Target - Mark a line on the floor with masking tape or in the grass with spray paint. Set a cone, box, or bucket several feet away from the line (i.e. closer for younger children, farther away for older children). Let the children take turns standing behind the line and trying to throw the lasso around the target. Give each child 2–5 chances, depending on how many players there are. Keep track of how many times each child ropes the target. Award a prize to the player(s) who successfully lasso the target the most.

Catch the Cowboy - Choose one child to be the cowboy or cowgirl. Have that player hold the lasso while the other players run around him/her in a circle. The cowboy or cowgirl must try to rope one of the other players with the lasso while they are running. When a player is caught, that player becomes the cowboy or cowgirl for the next round. Play several rounds.

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