Holiday Indoor Activities

Holiday Indoor Activities

Snow Covered Art: Have each guest color a scene with crayons, asking them to press hard while coloring. Once they've finished coloring, have the children paint their entire pictures with white paint and sprinkle on clear glitter. The paint won't stick to the crayons and, once it is dry, it will give the whole picture a snowy effect!

Shaving Cream Snow: If you live too far south for actual snow, let the children play with pretend snow using shaving cream. Cover a table with a plastic cloth and build 'snow" shapes with the shaving cream. Create at least one snowdrift for each guest. The children can use their hands or popsicle sticks to play in the snow, making snowmen and all sorts of creations.

Stuff the Snowman: Before the party, use a hand-pump or a lot of helpers to blow up at least 15-20 small (5"-7") round balloons per team. To play, divide the children into teams of 3 to 5. Have each team decide who will be its 'snowman." Divide the balloons equally between the teams and provide enough separation so that they don't get mixed up. (Big garbage bags are helpful in keeping the balloons separated.)

Have each 'snowman" put on a set of adult-sized clothing over his/her clothes. Set a timer for two minutes, and let each team stuff as many balloons as possible into their snowman's clothes. When the time is finished, remove the balloons from each snowman one at a time, counting to see which team had the most balloons. Remember, popped balloons don't count!

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