Hockey Drills

Hockey Party Game

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Hockey is tons of fun and playing makes for a great party activity! Organize a few short games or drills at your hockey birthday party! What You'll Need:
  • Inflatable tires
  • Construction cones
  • Hockey equipment
  • Other obstacles as desired

How to play:
  • Set up an obstacle course using the sports cones. Guests should try to guide the hockey puck around the cones.

  • Create a goal with the cones and see who can score the most goals within 20 seconds.

  • Set up basic defense and scoring drills. For example, assign two players as defenders and 3 as offense. Let offense try to score on the defensive players. Look up more drills online or borrow ideas from your child's coach.

  • Keep points or just have fun until your guests are ready for the next game

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