Harry Potter Party Supplies

Scream Expecto Patronum at all of your dementor buddies with these items from Birthday in a Box. Harry Potter has been around for years, and throwing a bash with this theme has never gotten old! So, make sure to cast the perfect birthday spell on your friends, and ensure all of them attend this bash! Find the best Harry Potter birthday party supplies online at Birthday In A Box.

Enjoy our great table decorations that will make you feel like you attend Hogart’s School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Our stand-up Harry Potter cardboard standups make for the perfect addition to the HP party! So, practice your spells and make sure to make the most out of your Quidditch game! Remember, no muggles allowed! Order Harry Potter costumes online today!

Harry Potter Party Ideas and Inspirations

It's safe to say that Harry Potter's adventures through Hogwarts and many other places throughout the movies were full of excitement, memorable moments, and of course, magic! And who doesn't want to be a spell caster or some kind of wizard? Conjure up a birthday party that will truly be a magical experience for everyone involved and incorporate the Harry Potter Party Supplies into the mix!
You know how in the earlier movies owls were used to deliver a message to Harry? You can do a similar thing here!

Well...you may not be able to use actual owls, but you can use these invitations to send a message to all guests that they have been invited to a Harry Potter themed birthday party! 

Once you have sent out all the party invitations, you will have to plan the party itself. Things would be much easier if you used a wand and a spell to do that, but with our kit which includes things like Harry Potter decorations, personalization, balloons, tableware, and cake supplies, your job will definitely be easier. Let us take care of the magic for you! 

Since the whole event will be a birthday party, what is a party without a pinata? You can fill up the piñata with different types of candy, sweets, and many more treats, and then hang it up for everyone to see. Next, have the birthday boy or girl smash the piñata and let the candy pour out like some sort of magic caused it to happen! 

But just like in the movies when Harry has to go back home after finished the school year, the party must end as well until next year. But don't let the fun end there! Give out thank you's, favors and gifts to all the guests that came to the celebration and let the memory of the party be with them for a full year!

Harry Potter Party Ideas

Bring home all the magic of Harry Potter this year without worrying about getting all those school supplies. If you have a witch or wizard in your home and you’re not quite sure if you need more newts or toads, our Harry Potter Party in a Box can offer you some excellent ideas for decorations and party supplies. Our box is crammed with imagination, so much, that you’ll need magic bag of holding just to fit all of the potential. Even the craftiest magical beings need some inspiration now and then, so feel free to browse through our selection of high-quality party props ranging from House banners to plates, to get you everything short of an acceptance letter!

So if you’re planning on holding a Harry Potter themed party, use our ideas as inspiration for your own special wizarding day as you cast spells, take off on broomsticks, or just enjoy some good old fashioned fun this season. Our meticulously crafted party kids have everything you need to set up a perfectly themed party for fans of all ages.

Who is Harry Potter?

From the mind of author JK Rowling, comes the story of a boy with a lightning shaped scar on his forehead, thrust into a world of magic and danger. With several books, films, and a play now published, Harry Potter has proven to be one of the most beloved series ever created. With an incredible story and heartwarming characters, it’s no magical mystery why. Filled to the brim with an immersive and sprawling universe as well as some of the most delightful adaptations seen in film or book, the Harry Potter series has enchanted millions across the world. But we didn’t need to tell you that.

Taking place around the magical school of Hogwarts, Harry Potter grows up around a magical world with his friends Ron and Hermione as they encounter mystical forces, danger, and adventure each and every day. Encountering friend and foe alike, Harry learns more about this magical world operating behind the scenes of normal life in an ever growing and expending franchise that’s taken the world by storm. The series follows Harry and his friends on his deepening ties to the magical world and their place in it as they battle against dark forces and come to terms with who they really are.

Invite the students

A starting year at Hogwarts isn’t anything until the students arrive. Personalize their invitations to make sure they know they’ve been accepted to study at the prestigious institution. Let your guests arrive at your party whether by train or broomstick, or even maybe a magical flying car. If their parents might be stubborn muggles, you may need to send more than one! Team up with your soon to be student in coming up with a unique and creative way of letting the friends and family know that the school year is about to start!

Setting up the Great Feast

Getting the feast ready for your hungry students is more than just putting food on the table. No matter what house they’re in, your students will have certain expectations about your own great hall. So dress to impress this year with incredibly detailed cutlery featuring all four houses and golden look that’ll seem just right whether by candlelight or convention hall. With a full set of cutlery you can be certain that your guests will be able to tackle any of the great foods you choose for this year’s great feast. From chicken, to pizza, to humbugs, to pumpkin juice, setting matters!


If you’re planning on starting off an incredible Harry Potter party, you’ve got to make sure you’ve sent out proper invitations. Every witch and wizard in your home will be anxiously waiting for their letter of acceptance to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and your invitations can be stylized after the same format from the beloved film and book. While you might not be able to deliver your invites by owl, we’re certain that the postal service can get it there just as quick! Experiment with some new fonts or even hand write your invitations yourself on some parchment paper, you’ve got a lot of options even without magic!

Sort your houses

Personalize your party by separating sections into the different house, or hold your sorting ceremony by placing which house each guest can be a part of. From brave Gryffindor to gentle Hufflepuff, you’ve got endless amounts of way to personalize your party. Each house has its own unique design and colors making you the Headmaster of your own little school. Divide up the houses or make sure each guest is all part of the same, the designs and look of Harry Potter are perfect for parties!

Don’t forget about balloons either! If you’re using our stylish offerings or decorating a few of your own, make sure they have as many symbols and pictures as you can. The great feast is a massive celebration for Hogwarts and you want to make sure that you’re keeping up!

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