Boggart Mummy Race

Boggart Mummy Race


To pass their Defense Against the Dark Arts class, your guests must learn how to turn their Boggarts into mummies! The first group of students to transform their Boggart into a mummy by wrapping him or her with a roll of toilet paper will win 5 points for their Hogwarts' house... and the game!

What You'll Need:

  • Several Rolls of Toilet Paper (1 per team)

At the Party:

Divide your guests into 4 equal teams-one for each Hogwarts' house. Have each team select one team member to be the Boggart. Hand a roll of toilet paper to the other players.

When you yell, "Riddikulus!" each team must wrap its Boggart with toilet paper as quickly as possible. The first team of students to use up all of their toilet paper, turning their Boggart into a mummy, wins the game.

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