Zombie Party Supplies

Ever since the hit AMC show, “The Walking Dead” aired, everyone is obsessed with zombies, and we are no different! Our scary zombie items are sure to make all of your guests worry if your props are real! Birthday in a Box makes it simple to turn your dream bash into a reality with our creepy blood-sucking zombie items. Invite your zombie buddies with these personalized invitations that will excite all of your guests! Don’t forget our gory party favors and gifts either! We choose the most unique items that we know will scare the wits out of everyone at your bash! So, get ready to hear lots of screeching, there is going to be a lot of that at the bash!

Zombie Party Ideas and Inspirations

Have you been binge watching the Walking Dead and wish you could throw a party just as cool as the famous AMC show? If so, you can with our zombie party supplies and getting dressed up as one of the characters. We have everything you need from fake blood to make things look realistically dead and invitations and thank you’s that will help set the theme of the party.

The first thing you want to take care of is making sure there’s enough food and dessert for the zombies. We have tableware to match your zombie party and cake supplies that you can use to top off the creepy looking cupcakes. Get extra creative with our personalization options and give every walking dead member a name so they won’t get lost in the shuffle of the dead.

Your home will look as though it’s a cemetery full of dead people ready to have a good time. You can smash the skull of a piñata, just like they do to the zombie characters in the Walking Dead, or use balloons to send a signal out to others who are still alive. It’s the perfect theme to choose for all those who want to wake up from the dead for a day.

Have a dance off with all of the zombies and give the grand prize winner some favors and gifts to go home with. This will give everyone more of an incentive to make their character look extremely realistic. Make sure you hang decorations all around the party venue because this is one of the main things that will have this haunted place looking like the real deal! It’s not every day that people get to wake up from the dead, so let this party be one that will go down in history!

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