Spider Web

Spider Web

What You'll Need:

  • One roll of colored yarn per player (each player should have a different color)
  • One prize per player
  • Construction paper or notebook paper
  • A marker or pen


Create name tags for each player by cutting out a piece of paper and writing their name on it. Hide a prize for each child in a different part of the party area. Tie the end of a different colored ball of yarn to each prize. One by one, run the balls of yarn over, under, and around the objects in the room. Make sure they are all intertwined, creating a web effect. When the strands are about 10 to 20 feet long, cut them and tie a name tag to the end of each string.

At the Party:

When it's time to play, lead each child to their name tag, and have them untangle their strands to find their prizes. This is a great activity for teamwork, as players will discover they need to help each other to get all their strands untangled!

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