Halloween Party for Adults

By Emily Churchill

Created on August 28, 2018

BOO-ze it up this Halloween with your favorite ghouls by hosting a Halloween Costumes & Cocktails party!

If you're over 21 there's really no reason to stop partying when Halloween rolls around. It might get a bit awkward if you try to go trick or treating without any children in tow, but we still recommend transforming into something ghoulish, hilarious, classic or sexy, ya know, since you're an adult now. Maybe you don't have kids, but if you do ring up the sitter and find a designated driver because this party will run blood red with wine!

Halloween Party Invitations

Scare up a good time with a personalized invitation that let's guest know about any special details.

  • Planning a costume contest? Entice their attendance by mentioning prizes!
  • Hosting a bottle sharing party? Let guests know they should bring a choice six pack.
  • Pot lucking to save on food costs? Keep the menu balanced by telling guests what dish to bring.

Halloween Party Decorations

Create a dramatic backdrop using plastic table covers made to look like curtains you might find in a haunted house. Layer black table covers over red and pin, drape, or tape the top layer to look like a curtain swag.

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without a hostess right? “Invite” Bloody Mary to the party and have her greet guests at the door or stand her next to her “bloody” table.

Keep decorations simple by adding just a few key pieces. An elegant sparkly chandelier looks great hanging over the food table. Add some black candelabras, skulls, and a bloody table cover and you’re all set!

This inflatable coffin cooler is big enough for one bony skeleton and all the cold drinks your party could want. Set it up along side the buffet table.

Coordinate the tableware with these monochrome Bone Appetit designs. Upgrade the drinkware with skull mugs and skull goblets- perfect for adult beverages like beer and wine!

Halloween Party Food

Choose easy finger foods that pair well with your wine. Bones made out of pizza crust dipped in “blood” (marinara sauce) and a bone shaped cream cheese dip covered in raspberry jelly are not only tasty but incredibly easy to pull together and require little prep.

Dress up store bought cupcakes by making two fang holes with “blood” dripping out of them. Wilton Sparkle Red Gel is perfect for this.

Make a mini graveyard with chocolate pudding, crushed Teddy Grahams, a Mint Milano, and bone sprinkles. Spray a Mint Milano with Wilton edible black paint to look like a tombstone and stick in the pudding covered in crushed cookies which resemble dirt.

Halloween Party Activities

Guests can also have fun posing with Bloody Mary throughout the night. Set up a prop basket, or coffin, filled with scary props like fake knives and spooky masks.

If your guests are really into wine why not turn it into a wine tasting? Put several different kinds of wine in paper bags or pretty wine bottle bags and have your guests try a little of each one. Hand each guest a sheet of paper so they can keep track of their favorites. If you want to turn the tasting into a contest ask guests to identify what kind of wine each one is. The guest who answers the most correct wins a prize.

Have a costume contest with a few categories for which guests can all cast a vote. These Halloween trophies can award the winners and let them leave with a lasting memento they can display with pride!

Halloween Party Favors

Send guests home with candy, trail mix or a bag of gourmet popcorn in these adorable tombstone favor boxes. No matter how old your guests are…everyone loves a little something to snack on for the ride home! If you want to really impress them throw in an mini booze bottle with a personalized sticker- "Boos for You!"

Party styled and designed by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Head over to her blog for more party tips, recipes, and free printables.

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