Bone Appetit Skeleton

Thinking about throwing a party that will make your friends have nightmares? We hope you are, and if so, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Whether if you are a pro at throwing scary, ghostly parties or if you’re just a newbie, Birthday in a Box has the scariest items for that perfect vision you have in mind, and you won’t even have to break your wallet doing so! Enjoy the huge selection of wall decorations that add to the creepy feel of the bash, inflatable circus clowns, and an array of others that will make your event the ultimate scream-fest! Trick or treat your buddies with candy bowls and piñatas that all will be sure to love. So, enjoy scrolling through all of our goodies and have the best time planning the scariest bash of the year!

Bone Appetit Skeleton Party Ideas and Inspirations

You can now turn scary scenes that you see in movies, into real life with our Bone Appetit party supplies. Fill a room full of ghost like figures or get tableware with ghostly characters. Whatever you choose, this will definitely be a party that will give your guests a good scare! It’s not every day that they get to celebrate with ghosts and good friends so make sure you take the planning seriously. It could very well be the biggest bash of the year!

The invitations and thank you’s will set the tone for your party and your guests will know that a ghost themed party is what to expect. Turn the dark night into a scream fest by setting up decorations all throughout your home that remind guests that it’s going to be a creepy, yet fun night. 

We have personalization options that are perfect to show your buddies that you planned the event down to the very last detail. You can hang your own banner with a personalized message on the wall welcoming guests, or get personalized mini buttons with everyone’s name on them. We have everything you need to go the extra mile and that includes cake supplies for the dessert.

It’s all about creativity. Choose favors and gifts that your guests will be excited to take home and items that remind them of the best Halloween bash. You can even hand out some of the ghostly decorations at the end of the night. Everyone loves balloons and will not want them to go to waste so why not let them go? The one thing they won’t be able to take home is the bashed in ghostly piñata that one of your guests hit open. Parties are all about having fun with family and friends so turn spooky and ghostly for this Halloween party!

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