Frightful Halloween Party Supplies

We hope you’re obsessed with goblins and ghouls as much as we are; these party items can scare the wits out of anyone! At Birthday in a Box, we make it simple to turn your scary vision into a reality with these low-priced supplies. Allow bats to fly high around the event with our themed tableware and cutlery. Invite all of your ghouls to the bash with our awesome personalized invitations, too! Everyone will be running to attend the scream-fest! Also, what’s a scary party without some candies!? Enjoy our piñatas that guests will enjoy. You can either put their favorite sweets in there, or leave them with a scary trick! That’s what’s most awesome about it! So, run away from the spiders and zombies, and make your way to the dance floor to experience the best party ever!

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