Day of the Dead Party Supplies

Your Halloween fiesta will go off without a hitch if you use these Day of the Dead themed Halloween party supplies to get everyone ready for the floral vibes of this hispanic take on the spookiest night of the year. Set out some sugar skulls for your guests when you use these!

Day of the Dead Party Ideas and Inspirations

If you celebrate The Day of the Dead, then you know that our friends and families never really leave us. For Mexicans, Mexican-Americans, and a lot of other peoples of Latin heritage, October 31st through November 2nd marks the festival’s arrival. Celebrations include everything from private altars called ofrendas, to the favorite foods of the deceased, to other tokens aimed at supporting loved ones who have passed to lead an easy journey.

When it is time to gather your friends and family for the days-long celebrations, start with a couple of decoratively colored Day of the Dead Invitations and Thank Yous to set a festive mood. When they arrive, the decorations you’ve chosen should pick up where the invitations left off. Sugar Skulls and banners painted in cotton candy pastels and Aztec Marigolds will undoubtedly adorn your walls but there is nothing stopping your Balloons, Piñatas and Cake Supplies from participating in the ornamentation. 

One of the many aspects to celebrating The Day of The Dead revolves around food. What you eat should reflect the people you are honoring – both those who are alive and those who are dead – in a way that everyone will enjoy. Of course, you’ll be serving some fan favorites, and whether that be Pan de Muerto, Calabaza, or Tamales, you will need plates and cups and utensils that fits in with your well-coordinated theme. That’s where our Day of the Dead themed tableware comes in! Serve up smiles on dinner plates painted to look like the Mexican Sugar Skulls associated with the holiday.

Once you’re all done celebrating the people you’ve lost, and the 3 days long celebration comes to close, let your attending family and friends know just how much they mean to you with some of our personalization options. We have party favors and gifts that can be made to include the name of each guest. So, why not stuff personalized gift bags with lollipops, stickers and key chains? That’s one way to make sure your familial celebration is one where everyone feels appreciated!

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