If you stick to old-fashioned thrills and chills, it will be pretty difficult to top your Halloween party. We hope you’re not afraid of ghouls and goblins, because Birthday in a Box has an array of party supplies to guarantee your Halloween bash is as scary as your costume! Whether your theme focuses more on witches or zombies, Birthday in a Box has it all! Scare your ghosts, we mean guests, with our perfect props, best hung from ceilings and walls, giving your party that extra scream.

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Love our spooktacular personalized banners and magnets so everyone knows who threw your themed-bash! Know someone who is afraid of spiders? We have great supplies featuring your favorite creepy-crawlers, just ready to spook the wits out of everyone! We make it simple turning your house from a comfortable environment, to the perfect haunting.

Happy scaring!

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