Animal Match-Up

Animal Match-Up

Before the Party

Cut out photos of different animals from nature magazines (real photos, not cartoon drawings) and glue them down one side of a large poster board. On 3x5" cards, write descriptions about each animal.

At the Party:

Hang the poster board on one wall of the party area and lay out the 3x5" cards on a table. When the activity starts, have your guests pick up the cards and work together on figuring out which descriptions go to which animals. When they think they have it figured out, have them place the description next to the animal using a push-pin or tape.

Check their work and if they have two descriptions wrong, tell them 'Two are wrong" and let them work at it again. Don't tell them which two - see if they can work together to figure it out. Once all descriptions are correctly matched to the animals, hand out a small prize to each guest.


  • Tiger - This animal is an endangered species. A group of these animals is called a streak. The roar of this animal can be heard more than a mile away. Most of these animals have over a hundred stripes on their bodies.
  • Blue Whale - This is Earth's largest animal. This animal eats tiny shrimplike animals called krill. This animal usually lives to be 80 or 90 years old.
  • Bison - This animal is an herbivore, which means it doesn't eat meat, only grasses, herbs, shrubs, and twigs. Females are called cows and males are called bulls. They are the heaviest land animals in North America.
  • Wild Turkey - A group of these animals is called a flock. The sound they make, called a 'gobble', can be heard a mile away!
  • Polar Bear - These animals are found in the Arctic and are very strong swimmers. These animals have a thick coat of fur. These animals have no natural enemies.

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