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We’ve all been bitten by the travel bug at one point or another. Whether that bite came from looking at the Instagram feed of travel writers, watching movies set in far off, exotic destinations, or being exposed to destination vacations first hand, is of no consequence. The results are real. Lean into that feeling the next time you’re planning a party for someone who is travel inclined with a theme that caters specifically to their wandering spirit. A Paris Party theme can help you do just that. When you think of Paris, what do you envision? Well, that totally depends on who the party is for. But there are some overlapping elements that will work regardless of the honoree’s age. Take the Eifel Tower, for instance. Everyone who is old enough to know of Paris knows of the Eifel Tower. And then there is the color scheme. Paris is synonymous with love and romance. Lots of pink and reds will do well to get that point across if the theme of your Paris Party is one used on Valentine’s Day. Whatever your reasoning for throwing the perfect Paris themed party, we are here to help.

Putting together a Paris party is almost as much fun as attending one. This is because it allows you, the party planner, to create your perfect version of la Ville Lumière – the city of lights. You can draw inspiration from anything and use that to cultivate the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Obviously, there are some necessities, like tableware and decorations, that we will cover a little later. But for now, we are working simply off of your imagination. So, close your eyes and think of Paris. What do you see? Whatever it is, that is probably a good place to start cultivating your theme.

Invitations & Thank Yous

Even the most carefully curated Paris themed party is nothing without guests. So, invite them using personalized invitations that show off the theme of the event. This lovely collection comes as a pink and black assortment of invitations and thank you cards that you can use to let everyone know the theme of the party long before they arrive. Plus, they’re cute as all heck. But what else should your guests expect from a Paris themed party? Well, we’ve got a few ideas on how you can best answer that question laid out below.


Make sure to commemorate the occasion by personalizing the party with the guest of honor in mind. No matter what the occasion – whether it be a birthday bash or an anniversary party for your significant other – a banner is a great tool to utilize for this. Put your guest of honor’s name front and center for all to see! But what about those parties that celebrate an idea, or a group of people – like a Valentine’s Day celebration – rather than a specific person? Then spread your message of love and wanderlust with everyone! Personalized party in Paris stickers, keychains, and zipper pulls can help you do just that!


So, if you’re following along you’ve likely already got a few ideas jumping out at you. They’re probably a little all over the place, but that’s ok. We can help. Here’s a little tip to help you nail down the tone: tableware. Tableware is an often-overlooked godsend where party planning is concerned. We get it, it’s hard to ignore the glitz and glamour of big, sweeping decorations. Tableware, however, can work to match your decorative scheme and pull everything together in a subtle, unobtrusive way. Think of tableware as the accent piece to your entire Paris party theme. Give it the same attention to detail that you would the color palette of your balloon bouquets or wall hangers. Now, when we say tableware, we mean everything needed at the table. This includes plates, cups, utensils, napkins, and table covers. Of course, you can check out our entire assortment here and build a completely custom theme, but we also carry all-in-one packages for those who are party planning on a budget of time or money.


When it comes to party planning, we tend to spend most of our time in this stage. And why shouldn’t we? Choosing decorations that work well with one another and seeing the whole event come together in our heads is half the fun of throwing a party! A Paris party is no different. We carry a large selection of decorations to help you bring your vision to fruition. Pull the décor together with cake supplies aimed at giving your sweets a bit of French twang, fun balloon combinations in pink and black, literal hanging lights and wall decals – like this giant Paris damask wall decal – and watch as your guests’ eyes light up at the inviting ambiance you’ve created. Put the finishing touch on your makeshift Paris with a 7-foot-tall stand up of the actual Eifel Tower!

Favors and Gifts

Putting together personalized trinkets for your guests is a nice gesture, but if you want to go next level, then cultivate those little odds and ends into a Party in Paris themed gift bag. Gift bags serve as a tangible thank you to your guests who, let’s face it, makes the entire party worth attending. There is no party without a willing group of attendees, and there is no better way to show them your appreciation than with a personally curated gift bag. Literally put whatever you want into them and send your guests home with a little piece of your perfect Paris.

Enhancing the Party

To further enhance your Party in Paris theme will take some thinking outside of the box. But no worries, we’re here to help. Start off by determining the type of party you’re throwing. Is it for kids? Adults? Both? Is it a birthday or a farewell party? Once you’ve got that figured out, turn your attention to catering to that demographic. For instance, a bon voyage party can incorporate sample cuisine from every stop on the travelers upcoming journey. Or if it’s a children’s birthday party, you can have everyone come dressed up as their favorite French television character! The possibilities are endless.

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So, let’s take a moment to recap: A party in Paris theme can definitely serve as a party for a multitude of occasions! How you choose your decorations and color schemes comes down to determining the message you want to convey to your guests and onlookers. Why not incorporate some fun activities, like painting, for instance? We’ve laid out a brief guide to give you a little insight into what each of those party styles can look like, but if you want a deep dive into the ins and outs of how to plan the perfect party in Paris theme, then check out our blog here. We take a deep dive into all Party in Paris apparel – specifically pink, white, and black for color palettes, lots of Ooh la la’s, macaroons, the use of spelling with “eaux,” and of course, Eiffel Towers. Hint: We recommend this theme strongly for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and female adult birthday parties on a regular basis! Our Party in Paris blog spells out how to go about making the theme your own with plenty of pictures to assist for reference. Share any of your own unique ideas with us – we love to see your own unique spin! Don’t forget to link to us if you decide to take a stroll through a Party in Paris party of your own!

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