Minnie Mouse Party Supplies

Every little girl who's been caught up in the magical world of Disney would love to have Minnie Mouse as her best friend! Minnie is always around for the fun when Mickey Mouse, Daisy Duck, and all their other friends get up to their cartoon shenanigans, so if your daughter is always asking to go to Disneyland you can't go wrong with a Minnie Mouse party! You can find Minnie Mouse party supplies and Minnie Mouse party ideas right here on this page, so your daughter's birthday can be the happiest place on earth. Get all the tableware, balloons, pinatas, and more to make your Minnie Mouse themed birthday party into a memorable adventure for your daughter's whole class to talk about for the rest of the school year! When she and Minnie blow out the candles together, she'll know this birthday is one she'll remember forever.

There's no more beloved cartoon character for girls than Minnie Mouse, so when you give your daughter a birthday party spent with this sweet animated friend, she's sure to have a happy one. How can any little girl fail to be overwhelmed by the polka dotted patterns and adorable bows on all our Minnie Mouse decorations, whether it's our balloons or our party activities that are shining at any given moment? Invite all her favorite Disney characters to her Minnie Mouse birthday party and her next year is going to be her most special one yet!

Minnie Mouse Party Themes

Minnie Mouse Classic

To go for a timeless style, you can give your daughter's Minnie Mouse birthday party a Minnie Mouse Classic theme. These polka dotted decorations will look great as a backdrop to all your daughter's Minnie Mouse toys! Goofy and Mickey are going to love these Minnie decorations!

Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday

Welcome your daughter to the world by making her first birthday feel as magical as watching the fireworks at Disneyland. For her whole lifetime of birthdays, she'll feel like Minnie Mouse is there to hold her hand through every milestone when she celebrates her first birthday with a Minnie Mouse themed party!

Invitations & Thank Yous

When your daughter is done celebrating her special day, she can send one more Minnie Mouse party favor to her friends in the form of our thank you notes! Our invitations can also let all her friends know that they're going to be partying with Minnie at your daughter's Minnie Mouse themed party, so they can know to bring their ear headbands along for the fun! She's going to love filling out these cards with her friend Minnie to share in the party planning.


Set your table with our Minnie Mouse decorations and your daughter's birthday is going to be like a trip to Disneyland for her friends! No Minnie Mouse birthday party is complete without some plates and napkins featuring everyone's favorite mouse. Mickey is sure to be pleased when he sees how every decoration on your daughter's table has his sweetheart's face on them, and all the other Disney toons will be ready to tuck into the cake when they see the cake topper featuring Minnie!


When the kids walk into your daughter's party, you can wow them from the get-go with our Minnie Mouse party supplies! These decorations will give you all the wall decals and hanging decorations you need to make Minnie Mouse the only character anyone can think of at your daughter's birthday. When she opens her presents, she can look around the room and see her favorite mouse friend beaming at her from all around her party!


Let everyone know that your daughter is Minnie's favorite little girl with these personalization decorations! When your daughter's friends see her name on all the decorations, they're going to wish they had this much Disney magic in their lives. These personalized decorations will make your little girl's Minnie Mouse birthday party into a celebration of both Minnie and your daughter. What little girl could forget a birthday featuring these adorable Minnie Mouse polka dots and bows, along with her own name?

Favors & Gifts

When you decorate your daughter's Minnie Mouse themed party with our party supplies, she's sure to have a birthday she’ll never forget. You can make ensure all her little friends remember the party too, when you send them home with our Minnie Mouse party favors! All her friends will feel like they've gotten presents from Minnie Mouse herself when they open their favor and discover the iconic polka dot designs on our Minnie Mouse party supplies. There's no better way to commemorate this adorable theme for you, your daughter, and her little friends than by giving out goodie bags at the end of the party, full of as much Disney magic as the rest of the decorations themselves. She's going to look back on these goodie bags as quite possibly one of her favorite part of the day, since they'll make her party the most talked about birthday in her whole class, and after all, aren’t memories worth everything?

Enhance the Party

We don't just have the tableware and balloons that every child's party needs; you can enhance your Minnie Mouse birthday party with our selection of extra special party features! You can give your child a costume to wear to make her feel like she's really stepped into the wonderful world of her favorite cartoon character when she celebrates her birthday with her friends this year. She can play with our pinatas and try out our special craft DIY activities too, all while maintaining the same adorable Minnie Mouse theme to enjoy with her friends. When you bring out the cake and she sees that you've even gotten a Minnie Mouse cake topper for her, she's really going to flip!

With one of the stunning and sweet additions on this page, you can take your little girl's Minnie Mouse themed party to the next level. She's never going to forget a birthday she spent feeling like Minnie Mouse herself was a guest at her party. She can unwrap her presents and taste her first forkful of cake with all the cute style of Minnie Mouse's hair bow when she has these enhanced options taking her party above and beyond. With the unique Minnie Mouse party ideas on this page, you can rest assured that your daughter will have no ordinary birthday this year!

Need Inspiration For Your Minnie Mouse Party? Check Out Our Minnie Party Ideas!

What's prettier in pink than everybody's favorite mouse? Your little one is sure to adore a Minnie Mouse party, fit for the biggest of Disney fans. By equipping your invitations with plenty of bows and polka dots, you'll be ready to invite Goofy, Donald, Daisy and others to help you celebrate your big day. Flowery decorations and fun favors will have your gathering matching Mickey's beau perfectly. Use these few helpful tips from Birthday in a Box's Minnie Mouse Party Ideas to make your party one to remember!

When you decorate with these party supplies what you will end up with a gorgeous pink and green display. The balloons, banner, forks and knives, cups, and invitations are all designed with these colors in mind and of course they all feature a cute picture of Minnie Mouse. If, you have everything you need when it comes to Minnie Mouse decorations why not add a game for the kids to play with the Minnie Mouse piñata! When you throw this birthday celebration it will not only look great, but it will also be loads of fun!

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