Fabulous 50's Party Supplies

Fabulous 50's Party Ideas and Inspirations

The music, the fashion, the cars-- there is no end to the list of reasons why we have remained infatuated with the 1950s. If your little girl longs to travel back to the days poodle skirts and unironic pompadours, our Fabulous 50s party supplies are your ticket to a bonefide sock hop they can share with all their friends.

A 1950s themed invitation, printed on high-quality paper, well definitely spark the interest of every recipient. As they practice their hand jive and roll up the sleeves on their white t-shirts, you will be making the real magic by using our Fabulous 50s decorations to cover your party space with banners and streamers featuring classic checkerboard patterns and 1950s graphics showing off everything your kid loves about this classic era. Make the decorations jump right off the walls when you spread balloon arrangements around the floor, and the anticipation will be palpable as the kids wait for their swing as a pinata filled to the brim with themed favors and gifts.

You are going to need a 50's birthday cake that will stand out as the parties thematic centerpiece. Our cake toppers, pans and other 1950’s cake supplies will have everyone huddling around to have a look at the professional-quality decorations you were able to make in your own kitchen. Give everybody a slice served on matching 1950’s tableware, with cups and napkins and you have completed a fully developed theme that truly brings back those Happy Days.

Make the day even more remarkable when the decorations and favors have been personalized special with your child's name. Everybody will love receiving a goodie bag unique to the event, and your child will feel like the VIP they are! Have everything ready to go at a moment's notice when you begin your planning today!

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