Disco Party Supplies

Listen to that funky music and become mesmerized by the shiny ball at your very own disco bash. These fun items from Birthday in a Box will make your guests feel like they’ve lived through the 70s and must get their groove on.  Our disco-themed wall decals will get you in the mood to put on some bell-bottoms and peace sign shades while doing the Hustle. The cute, swirly table decorations may get you a little dizzy, but what’s a disco party So, dress like Austin Powers is your BFF, and party the night away 1970s style!

Disco Party Ideas and Inspirations

Flashy, sassy and with a timeless sense of celebration, bring the extravagance of the Disco era to your girls next party! Our selection of Disco party supplies is ready to turn a normal birthday party into a veritable Studio 54 with top to bottom disco decorations, invitations, cake supplies and more! Take a trip back in time and party like it's 1975!

Everyone will be lacing up their boogie shoes when they receive a colorful and brightly printed disco themed invitation announcing the day. Until then, exercise your own creativity and use our disco decorations, like streamers, banners and table covers to create a picture of the 1970s no one will ever forget! No party is complete without balloons, and a disco ball pinata is a terrific way to rally all the guests before it's time to cut that cake! Load them up with all the Disco themes party favors they can hold, and watch smiles appear that will remain all day long.

Groovy, far-out, delicious and beautiful are all words that will describe the cake you present when you use our disco cake toppers, matching candles and other cake supplies! Complete the entire theming experience when your cake is served on Disco tableware, with coordinated cups and napkins. Creating professional-quality cake decoration has never been easier to do at home!

Personalize the decorations, goodie bags and favors with your child's name to make them feel like the VIP they are! Create a one-of-a-kind party experience with memories that will last a lifetime. Everyone will be beyond impressed to see their invitation has been customized special for them and the day! Don't wait until the last minute to get your party planning out of the way! Your 1970’s disco adventure awaits!

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