Girls Birthday Party Supplies

"Sugar and spice and everything nice, that's what little girls are made of!" Planning a party for a girl should be a joy. Everything is so cute for the little ones and so stylish and fun for older girls. No doubt, girls know what they like, so when it comes to choosing your girl's birthday party theme let her decide. You can show her all of the girls party themes listed on this page. Once you find the party idea she wants, you simply click on it to find all of the items you can buy for that theme.

All Girls Themes

Give your little girl the birthday party of her dreams with our pink, pretty and powerful birthday party supplies for girls! Fill your celebration with all the intergalactic adventure of Captain Marvel or show off your kid's love of Paw Patrol with Paw Patrol Pink supplies and decorations. It has never been easier to throw a top-to-bottom fully themed birthday party tailored specifically to your child's interests, hobbies and overall personality!

Get the buzz started when you send out brightly printed and vibrantly colored invitations featuring Vampirina, Fingerlings and more! While the kids eagerly await the big day, you can start hanging up decorations, such as streamers and banners to create the most immersive party space possible, and when you add themed balloons and an awesome pinata, you have built an unforgettable and exciting party for all!

The centerpiece of every good birthday party is a spectacular birthday cake! You can create a birthday cake that looks every bit as good as it tastes with the help of our cake toppers, candles and other cake supplies featuring your child's favorite characters, TV shows and more! Make sure your theme is complete with our huge selection of tableware and matching napkins and cups! When your refreshment table perfectly matches the rest of the party, your celebration will look even more polished and fully developed!

Create a one-of-a-kind experience for all who enter when you have your supplies, decorations, favors and more personalized special for the big day! All your guests will absolutely love receiving an invitation professionally printed just for them. And your child will never forget entering her party under a banner made just for her. Send your guests home with personalized goodie bags and you are guaranteeing the good times keep going long after the party ends! Get your party started today!

Girls Party Ideas

Fairytales do come true, especially when you decorate the party room with our gorgeous themed girl’s birthday party supplies! The little guests will have a fantastical experience as they dance and mingle in a party space designed just for them. If an exotic Aladdin-themed birthday is not her style, maybe a trendy Boho party is! The party princess may jump for joy with a Barbie-themed party. Or, she may be a feisty Captain Marvel kind of girl! Your ambitious little one will be enchanted by our Doc McStuffins party goods. If she has a brilliant sense of humor, she’ll absolutely delight in our colorful line of Despicable Me or Dr. Seuss party stuffs!

Whatever her individual style is, our themed girl’s birthday party supplies will cater to her every whim. Your upcoming party space will be radically complete with stunning decorations, colorful tableware, fun pinatas and even cake supplies that perfectly capture well-known characters from television, books and film! We cover every element of your little one’s party—except the guests! But we offer plenty of help with the guests, too, with our extraordinary line of illustrated invitations and thank you cards, which can be personalized for that unique touch! Every girl’s birthday party should be one to remember. Our creative birthday party supplies will make your upcoming bash an unforgettable one for your best gal and all her friends!

Popular Girls Party Themes

LOL Surprise

Babies run everything. Therefore, it should come as no surprise when your little one asks for a LOL Surprise birthday party! Our glittery line of LOL Surprise birthday party supplies will keep the party guests enchanted all afternoon long. The freshly baked cupcakes will get a dose of LOL Surprise when you stick a Surprise Dolls Personalized Cupcake Pick into each of them! Even more impressive than the sweet treats are the party décor, like our cutesy LOL Surprise Balloon Bouquet Kit! The bouquet features bright fuchsia star balloons and an impressive diva center!

Unicorn Sparkle

Maybe your child daydreams about fantastical unicorns. If magical animals dance in her imagination, surprise the birthday gal with unicorn décor! We offer three truly unique lines of unicorn decorations: Unicorn Fantasy to satisfy her preference for elegance; Unicorn Party that caters to her fun side; and Unicorn Sparkle, which offers a classy style to match your little girl’s personality! No matter which unicorn theme you choose, each one brings with it loads of character, whimsy and enchantment! It all starts with the unicorn-themed invitations, which leads to the pinatas featuring prancing unicorns and ends with girly party favors and generous gifts for the guests!

Mermaids Under the Sea

Mermaids are often a girl’s best imaginary friend. When your daughter sings along with the hypnotic tunes from The Little Mermaid, then she will be swept away by a Mermaids Under the Sea birthday bash! We specialize in all things mermaid, especially since we offer at least two different mermaid themes: Little Mermaid Party, which features the lovely Ariel, and Mermaid Friends, with its gorgeous aqua-blue colors. The characters featured on each of the balloons, cake supplies, pinatas and invitations show off unique poses, ensuring that your child’s party is never dreary! While having a birthday party under the sea is a tad inconvenient, the next best thing is to invite the mermaids ashore to celebrate with your little one! We make her birthday dreams possible with our Mermaids Under the Sea party supplies!

Jojo Siwa

Sometimes, real people take the cake. YouTube star Jojo Siwa might have caught your daughter’s attention—along with everyone else’s! When your child looks up to the YouTube star, then she’ll absolutely fall in love with our Jojo Siwa-themed balloons, cake supplies and favors! She’ll smile just as brightly as Jojo herself, when she is surrounded by pinatas and decorations that proudly feature a gal she admires. Pastel pinks dominate in the Jojo Siwa line. Lovely purples and bright blues take a secondary place in the range of colors in this wonderful set of party supplies. Decorate with décor featuring Jojo Siwa and expect a fun afternoon for all!

Officially Licensed Girl's Party Themes

Television and movies are an inspiring source of entertainment for children, especially given the popularity of Disney, My Little Pony and Hello Kitty! When your little girl dreams about being a princess, our officially licensed Disney party supplies will make her dreams come true—at least for an afternoon! Our line of Frozen party supplies captures the determination of Elsa. Bring Elsa’s extraordinary compassion to the party via our Frozen-themed tableware and balloons! The girls will be excited to have a regal Disney character “in the room!”

When bringing one Disney princess to the bash is not enough, invite the whole gang of Disney princesses! Our Disney Princess Party Supplies line showcases four spectacular Disney princesses, which is enough to seriously impress the party guests! Our Princess Personalized Lollipops come with not one but three lovely Disney Princesses on each pop! Thank the guests by filling up our Disney Princess Lootbags with favors! Each Lootbag features three of the most adorable Disney princesses!

Sometimes, even princesses need to be rescued. This is where heroes come in! Our line of Captain Marvel party decorations is sure to awe the party guests! There is no better way for a teensy heroine to celebrate a birthday than with a Superhero Girl Pull-String Pinata Kit! Imagine how awesome the party guests will feel when they receive their personalized Captain Marvel Postcard Invitations! Instantly, they’ll feel like a superhero invited to the celebration of the year!

Adorable Animal Parties for Girls

When fighting villains and managing castles are not your little gal’s first priority, cute animals just might be! Whether she has a fondness for cats, butterflies, lions or ladybugs, we’ve got the most perfect animal-themed birthday party supplies anywhere! The adorability factor of the animals featured on each of our party decorations will make even you gush with joy! For instance, our Llama Party supplies feature a hilarious llama that looks straight at you with its dainty eyes! If your gal favors the animals of the ocean, she’ll delight in our Ocean Party decorations! She’ll be surrounded by the cutest green turtles, the loveliest blue sharks and elegant, purplish sea horses! Decorating with our adorable animal party supplies is the perfect choice, especially when the party girl has a soft spot for these loveable creatures!

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