Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes Party Ideas and Inspirations

The best thing about Geometric Shapes party supplies is they can be used for any occasion or just for dinner on a day you don’t feel like doing the dishes.  Each tableware kit includes a different set of plates. One set features six different designs.  One dinner plate dots, another has black lines and the third is red with  black and white with diamond patterns. Dessert plates are a little simpler and include a large yellow-green and black flower, a red and black flower and light blue and black circles.  Black cutlery and cups are included. 

The next set includes the two additional designs.  The dinner plate is half white with squiggly lines and half yellow and dessert plate has  yellow and black geometric flower. The next set it different from the other too but just as eclectic.  Dinner plates come in three patterns: white with black dots, black and white plaid and a floral pattern.  Dessert plates are green with crisscross lines, purple with crisscross lines and white with a fade in pink. Together these can turn your party space into a museum of modern art. These would be perfect for a party in the art room at school.

Check out the invitations and thank yous before you do anything so you have a way to invite all the guests. Catch the eyes of all the party goers with gold decorations kit and other hanging decorations, or maybe some balloons. Guests will satisfy their sweet tooth with candy from our favors and gifts selections or filler candy in a pinata.

Party goers with a really big sweet tooth will want to take home a cupcake in one of the boxes from our collection of cake supplies

End the day on a special note with book marks, pins magnets or zipper pulls, personalized  for each guest.

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