I'm Grateful Chairs Game

I'm Grateful Chairs Game

At the Party:

Form a circle with chairs, using one fewer chair than there are players. Have each player take a turn saying a characteristic that they're "grateful for." For instance "I'm grateful for people with brown eyes," "I'm grateful for people wearing jeans," or "I'm grateful for people wearing red."

When one player names something he or she is grateful for, all of the players who DO NOT have that characteristic should sit down immediately. The players that DO have that characteristic must then scramble for a seat. Whoever is left standing is out for the rest of the game, and the player who sat down last gets to say what they are "grateful" for next (which gives them one round to keep their seat).

Once there are only 3 players left, one of the adults present should remove two of the three remaining chairs, and then say, "I'm grateful for people named..." and name all three children. Whoever gets the last seat is the winner!

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