Frog Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

You'll have a hoppin' good time with our frog party ideas! Whether your child loves Kermit the Frog or the real green variety, our frog party decorating ideas and frog games will make your party toad-ally awesome! It's easy being green with our frog theme party guide!

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party? 

In addition to basic Frog Party Supplies, like plates, cups, napkins and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Frog party:
  • A movie featuring frogs such as The Princess and the Frog or The Muppet Movie
  • Plastic frogs and paper lily pads
  • A CD of frog noises
  • Real or fake plants and flowers
  • A pool or sprinkler
  • A moon bounce for the children to hop in
  • A pinata

Frog Party Invitations 

Creative invitations build excitement and can increase attendance at your child's frog party. If you have time to make your own froggy invitations, be sure to involve your child in choosing the design and filling in the details. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Cut frog shapes from heavy green paper. Draw a frog face on the front and write your party details on the back side.
  • Another option is to cut a mouth slit in the paper frog and slide in a long pink paper tongue. Write the party details on the frog's tongue. You could even add an insect sticker on the end of the tongue!
  • Use fun wording to invite your guests, such as "Leap on Over to Our Pad For Jessie's Hoppy Birthday Party" and "Ribbet Your Reply to 555-123-4567.
  • Ask guests to dress in green.
  • Seal the envelopes with frog stickers.
  • For a special touch, let us print personalized frog invitations for you! We'll include your child's name and all the party details with a background design that complements your frog party theme.

Decorating & Food Ideas

Frog Party Decorations 

Choose from our list of decorating ideas to create a froggy atmosphere for your party. Try just a few ideas, or go all out!
  • Choose green as the main color for decorations such as streamers and balloons.
  • Cut out lily pads from green paper and place them along the driveway to greet your party guests. Or use green sidewalk chalk to draw the lily pads, and write a guest's name on each one.
  • Use houseplants and artificial trees to decorate the party space. Place toy frogs peeking out from behind the leaves.
  • Use all the frog toys you already own to decorate. Include a few frogs using other toys, such as driving a plastic truck, or riding on a toy horse.
  • Hang frog posters on the walls.
  • Make a sign for your front door that says "Hop On In for [child's name]'s Birthday Party!
  • Fill a wading pool with a few inches of water and scatter plastic frogs inside to create your own frog pond.
  • Ask an older child or adult to make balloon animals for the children. Use our easy Balloon Animals Kit which includes an instruction book, balloons, and balloon inflator. There's no need to master the entire book! One or two basic shapes will delight young children.
  • Make a banner that says "[Child's name]'s Hoppy Birthday" and hang it near the party entrance. See our selection of frog banners and let us do the work for you!

Green Decorations

Frog Party Food 

Go green with the party snacks! Any kid-friendly green food will fit this theme, so try green grapes, green apples, green gummy worms, or other green food that your guests will enjoy. You can also rename food to give it a frog or insect theme. For example, hot dogs can become hot frogs. If your local grocery store carries green ketchup, serve that, too! Chicken tenders can become frog legs, and spinach dip served with breadsticks can become Lily Pad Dip with Logs. You can also add a bowl of chocolate-covered raisins as flies, and a pitcher of lemonade as bug juice. Serve the bug juice with shaped silly straws. Would you like more suggestions? Here are a few more snack ideas:
  • Flies on a Log: Fill celery stick logs with peanut butter or cream cheese, and add raisins on top as the flies.
  • Green Jell-O Frogs: This recipe will create firm Jell-O that can be cut into shapes and does not melt. Combine 4 envelopes (1/4 oz. each) of unflavored gelatin with 3 packages (3 oz. each) of lime-flavored gelatin in a large bowl. Add 4 cups of boiling water and stir until dissolved (about two minutes). Pour the mixture into a lightly greased 9" x 13" pan and chill until set (at least one hour). Either use a cookie cutter to cut frog shapes or simply cut the Jell-O into triangles and press in two mini chocolate chips for the eyes.
  • Frogs in a Pond: Put one scoop of lime sherbet into a cup and add clear soda. The sherbet should float above the soda to resemble a frog's head peeking above the water in a pond. Then add two miniature marshmallows or mini chocolate candies to the sherbet for the frog's eyes. Serve with a spoon.
  • Frog Birthday Cake: Bake any flavor cake in a 9" round cake pan, an 8" square cake pan, and two cupcake liners. When cool, cut two "L" shapes from the square cake and trim the edges into curves. These will become the frog's legs, and the two cupcakes will become the eyes (peel off the paper liner from each cupcake). Set the round cake on a platter as the body of the frog, and place the two cupcake eyes at the top. Set the "L" shaped cake pieces on either side of the round cake, with the long sides touching the round cake. The shorter side of each "L" piece should be facing away from the round cake. If necessary, use toothpicks to hold the pieces together. Next, cover just the top of the cupcakes in white frosting, and add blue frosting to the centers to complete the eyes. Then cover the rest of the cake in green frosting. Draw a smile from one side of the round cake to the other using a tube of black decorator icing. If you'd like, cut a strip of fruit roll-up to make a tongue. You've just created an adorable frog cake!
  • Lily Pad Birthday Cake: Bake any flavor cake in a round cake pan. When cool, cut a small "v" shape from one side (you won't need this, so feel free to eat it!) so that the cake resembles a lily pad. Cover the cake with green frosting, and draw leaf veins with a tube of darker green decorator icing. Place a large plastic frog on top, and you're done!

Party Favor Ideas

 Frog Party Favor Ideas 

Thank your guests with hopping party favors! Some of the favors we have include:
  • Frog squirts
  • Stretchy frogs
  • Mini stuffed frogs
  • Frog shaped sipper cups
  • Bounce balls and bubbles
  • Frog pencils and stickers
  • Fun-shaped candy and frog lollipops

Also check out our complete favor sets and personalized products such as zipper pulls, placemats, and stickers.

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