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Bingo is a fun party game for all ages. In the standard version a "caller will call out numbers that correspond to random numbers on bingo cards. Children use pennies to cover the pictures they have on their cards. The first person to get either a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line is the winner. In our variations we us pictures and symbols instead of numbers so even very young plays will enjoy the activity. You can continue to play until all of the items have been called so there may be several winners.

What You'll Need:

  • Pennies to use as counters (20 per child)
  • Plastic sandwich bags to hold the pennies
  • A paper bag or hat to hold the call cards
  • 1 small prize for each round of bingo you intend to play
  • Printed bingo cards, found in the variations below
  • A real Bingo game set (optional, if you have one)

Note: You can create a custom bingo game for any type of party using the sticker method. Create a bingo card with 9 squares. Print enough for every child to play one or two games. Use stickers that match your party theme and place them randomly on the cards so that no two are exactly alike. Be sure to keep the center square as your Free Space. Keep one extra of each sticker to be your Call Cards and place them in a bad. Pick a sticker out of a bag one at a time until a player gets B-I-N-G-O!


  1. Print out the Bingo Cards and the Calling Cards. There is one calling card for every number, symbol, etc. If you have a traditional Bingo set then make sure all of the balls are accounted for. There are two bingo cards on each sheet of paper.
  2. Cut the calling cards out and mix them up in a paper bag.
  3. Prepare the counters by placing 20 pennies in each plastic bag.

At the Party:

  1. Give each child a bingo card and a bag full of pennies.
  2. The children can begin the game by covering the free space in the center of their card with a penny.
  3. To play: Draw one picture card from the bag and read its name out loud (for example "dog") and ask the children to cover the matching image on their bingo card with a penny. Show your guests the picture you picked to be sure everyone sees it before moving on.
  4. As you discard each picture card, place them in your pocket or set them some place safe.
  5. Keep picking cards until someone gets 5 in a row and yells "bingo!" Use the discard pile as a reference to make sure that the winner has covered the correct pictures.
  6. To begin a second round of bingo, you have two options: you can place all the picture cards back in the bag and instruct the children to clear their cards (except free space) and start over, or continue with players being able to keep the matches they already have. This will speed up play and won't discourage players that already have four in a row.
  7. Play until you run out of prizes or time runs out.
  8. The best part about this is game is that you can reuse the cards as many times as you'd like!

Bingo Game Variations

  • School Bingo: This is great or teachers of for young kids heading back to school. Our School Bingo Cards feature familiar symbols like books, chairs, chalkboards and rulers. You can give school related prizes such as pencils, erasers and small books. The printable includes 24 bingo cards and 25 calling cards

  • Jungle Party Bingo: Print out these Jungle Bingo Cards which includes 16 bingo cards, 25 pictures and directions. The easy to identify animals and symbols such as monkeys, bananas and lions will make it ideal for non-readers. Birthday In a Box has plenty of jungle party favors to give out as prizes.

  • Pokemon Party Bingo: Cut one square of white cardstock for each guest to use as a bingo card. Use a ruler and a black marker to divide each card into 9 squares and adhere a Pokemon sticker in each square. Paste the same Pokemon stickers you used on the bingo cards, one at a time, to separate cards or slips of paper. Put all these cards in a box or a jar to be drawn at random.

  • Farm Bingo: You barnyard party or hoedown won't be complete without a few rounds of Barnyard Bingo. Print our Farm Bingo Cards which will provide you with enough cards for 16 players to play once or 8 players to play twice. Cows, ducks, chickens, horses and even Old McDonald are featured on these cards.

  • Sweet Shoppe Bingo: Every child loves sweets and you can play this game for any type of party even though it is made to match sweet treat and Candyland themes. Print our Sweet Shoppe Bingo Cards and enjoy a few rounds. Instead of using pennies as markers, you may consider using candies such as M&Ms, Spree, Smarties or any other small candy that will not roll off the paper.

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