Football Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Whether you’re planning for a championship game watch party or a ten year-old’s dream football themed birthday celebration, we’ve got some super, high scoring ideas for you.

The "Backfield"

  • Black bulletin board paper provides an excellent “chalkboard-like” background, perfect for sketching “plays” on. Use a broad-tipped chalk marker for a more authentic look, but white paint and a foam brush will definitely work as well too.
  • Transform plastic backdrop pieces into “canvas art” by stretching them over frames constructed of inexpensive 1x2 lumber. TIP: Use thumbtacks rather than staples to secure the backdrop to the frame. Tacks will better prevent tearing when stretching the plastic.
  • Underneath all the action, layer multiple table covers for an interesting and textured playing field. Start with a turf green felt skirting, add referee stripes and top with two runners; a trimmed down football tablecloth and a strip of artificial grass from the home improvement store.
  • Adding metal eyelets to this touchdown sign easily converts it to a more banner-like look.

The "End Zone"

  • A bright yellow PVC pipe goal post will definitely score you some extra party points. Construction is not complicated. Do a web search to find a tutorial that fits your size needs and liking.
  • Hang a thematic banner to add further fun to the “field”.

The "Sidelines"

  • Group football helmets, pom poms and cheer cones together for impact.
  • Provide guests with their own penalty and challenge flags. Simply wrap bubble-gum lollipops with yellow and red beverage napkins then use a small rubber band or twine to secure.
  • When the party play is all over, guests can take these “game ball” squishy footballs and “superbowl” ring-pops home as fan-tastic favors.

The "Officiating"

Dress vintage milk bottles up in some official stripes and whistles to add a touch of whimsy to the table.

The "Equipment Managers"

Allow guests to express their favorite team affiliation by providing multiple team specific plates and napkins. Or keep things completely neutral with these generic football themed sets.

The "50-Yard Line"

  • Set this Snack Stadium up at mid-field then fill it with all your players (aka guests) concession stand favorites.
  • For some additional fun, use the stadium center to stage a “game” between the appetizers. Washi-tape toothpick flags add color and identify “team players”.

The Concessions Stand

  • No football game watching or birthday celebrating is complete without the three P’s: peanuts, pretzels and popcorn.
  • Green paper plates cut and folded into baskets make popcorn distribution cute and easy. Adding number and line stickers to mimic yardage markers brings that much more thematic punch to the table.

  • Achieve big yardage with these stadium sugar cookies.
  • Score huge touchdown points serving these football themed cakes. The smaller versions are chocolate covered cream-filled cakes while the larger is a full-size double layered football shape confection. This cake pan makes baking and assembly easy.

The "Waterboy" (or Girl!)

  • Keep your crowd hydrated with a fully stocked Hydration Station. Serve a variety of options to help keep players happy even if/when their team is not performing well.
  • Using a cart set up away from the main playing field will help to minimize overcrowding at the huddle.

Make sure to keep plenty of beverage napkins handy for any drink fumbles.

Don’t be afraid to make a substitution. Because this low area of the cart is accessible to little hands (or even frustrated-with-my-team larger hands), use a paper lantern instead of a real football to decorate with. A thrown paper lantern causes less potential damage than a fully-inflated pig skin.

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