Floral Baby Shower Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on March 10, 2020

A sweet mama-to-be deserves a day to be pampered! When her baby on board is a bundle of pink joy, kick up the feminine charm with a floral baby shower full of pretty pinks and soft green accents. Let her show off the pregnancy glow and growing belly with adoring friends and sweet-smelling blossoms. Host a “display shower” to allow the guests to spend more time with the guest of honor instead of watching her open gifts. Let the bouquet of blooms on the Floral Baby Shower party supplies inspire you to host an afternoon party that includes homemade finger sandwiches, sweet lemonade and hints of southern charm. Follow along as this party guide takes you from the budding first stage of party planning through the full garden of party decorations, foods and activities.

Floral Baby Shower Invitation

Invite guests to shower the mom-to-be with an invitation as sweet as her!  Consider hosting a shower that doesn’t drag out with hours of present opening and go the “display shower” approach. Include a matching card sharing the thought that you don’t need to wrap the present as it will be displayed openly so there’s more time to mix, mingle and laugh with the guest of honor.

Floral Baby Shower Decorations

When it comes to baby showers, everyone always wants a capture a photo of the mom-to-be and her pregnancy glow. Get the most of your dessert table display that can double as a photo backdrop. Those trendy moss walls are super fun but can be a little expensive. Get the same effect for a smaller cost using our grass tablecloth as the base for your backdrop.

Create additional layers and dimension with pink fluffy tissue paper flowers and leafy paper greens in the corners. Fill in the center area with an assortment and styles of garlands in solids, floral prints and golden letters hung at various heights.

Designate one area of the table for all the plates, napkins, and cutlery to be grabbed before surveying the options.

Tip: Dress up the cutlery display by placing beautiful paper doilies inside glass mason jars for a hint of southern charm.

Add texture to your food table with layers of tablecloths, layering floral, lace or pink styles.

Use a combination of white cake stands and pink paper cupcake stands to raise some food options. 

If it’s in the budget, add fresh flowers to your food table. They can always be used as prizes for your party games or take-home favors. If not, add artificial ones in coordinating tins.

Floral Baby Shower Food Ideas

Just like the theme of this shower, keep the food and drink options light and sweet. Dress up a simple cake with a “Sweet baby” paper crafted cake topper complete with rolled paper flowers.  Grab the SVG file to recreate this design here.

Put out an assortment of finger sandwiches, like the popular cream cheese and cucumber or mini tuna on wheat styles. If you don’t have matching cake stands, use these pink cardstock ones that easily pop up for any occasion.

Bring the floral accents into the dessert options too.  Break out that famous Wilton 1M icing tip to create rose topped macarons and pink icing sugar cookies to decorate your desserts.

Tip: If the party is near Valentine’s Day or Easter, you can easily find candies or treats that fit this feminine color palette to put on your table.

Skip boring tap water and serve sweet tea or lemonade with coordinating plastic cups to pour their own cup.

Floral Baby Shower Activities

Would it really be a baby shower if there weren’t any party games? Encase these plastic baby toys in ice cubes the day before the party. On party day, place them in a bowl and ask guests to each grab one and play a game called “my water broke!” Whoever can get the baby free first should yell “my water broke!” and they’ll win a prize for birthing their baby first!

And just for a few more giggles, place some colorful word scramble and word search sheets at each guest’s seat to entertain them in between bites. You could make it a game that wins prizes- encourage guests to fill them out speedily in order to get one of the designated prizes you pick out.

Floral Baby Shower Favors

The “pop when she pops” favor tags tied to confetti poppers allow everyone to have a personal celebration of the blessed appearance of the sweet baby girl when they get the text or see the Facebook announcement!

Party by Tara from Spot of Tea Designs, with invitations by the Imagine That Design Co Etsy shop and Rose Macarons made by Macarons on a Mission.

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