Disney Princess First Birthday Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

Celebrate your little princess' big day with a 1st birthday Disney Princess party. Your child might not be old enough to appreciate all the memories you will make, but your friends and family will love to see all the effort you have put into the celebration. Make the day extra special with tips and tricks from this Disney Princess first birthday ideas guide on tableware, decorations, food, favors, and games.

Disney Princess 1st Birthday Party Planning & Invitations

Branch off from typical Disney party supplies and decorations with some of the special theme items listed below:

  • Tiaras and crown party hats
  • Disney Princess Supplies
  • High chairs and chair decorating kits
  • Stuffed animals
  • Baby princess costumes
  • Princess arts and Crafts
  • Princess books or DVDs

Use Disney Princess first birthday invitations to instantly match your theme. If you would rather create a more unique look, opt for our personalized princess invites which can be printed with all your party info. Create a first birthday invite fit for a princess with DIY designs and other great invite ideas. Get creative and put your craft skills to work:

  • Attach a personalized Disney 1st Birthday Princess personalized invitation to a tiara, magic wand, or personalized favor to get guests excited for your event.
  • Cut out a number 1 design from construction paper and fill in your party details with a swirling, regal script. You can also cut out other theme shapes like a castle, crown, or magic wand to serve as your card base.
  • Dress up your baby in a cute Disney Princess gown and hold a photo shoot. Use your pictures to create a postcard-style baby invite. If you are handy with photo manipulation software, add your party info directly on the picture and print them out for a professional look.
  • Invite guests to dress as their favorite Disney characters or wear a cute princess accessory. Just because you're a grown-up, does not mean you can't dress up!

Disney Princess Party Invitations and Thank Yous

Disney Princess 1st Birthday Party Decorations & Food Ideas

Start off your baby princess party on the right foot with Disney Princess decorations. Pick out princess balloons, hangers, and centerpieces

  • Turn your home into a fairytale castle! Cut out towers from butcher paper and hang pennant banners between them. Use knight's shields and other medieval props to match a princess decoration theme.
  • Have Disney Princess costumes available for your guests to wear at the party. Set up a photo booth full of props and accessories and let friends and family members pose together. You can even get some photos with the birthday girl in a princess dress.
  • Set out a guest book to let guests leave a heartfelt message. Look back at all the nice things your friends and family had to say once your child grows up a bit more.
  • Hang strips of tulle from the corners of your party room to create a flowing canopy. Tissue paper balls and other light decor makes for a frilly and fun ambiance.
  • Get back to basics with first birthday balloons, banners, and centerpieces.

Disney Princess Party Decorations

Supply your guests with foods that can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. You can set a table that looks like it was prepared by a royal chef with these first birthday Disney Princess party food ideas:

  • Bake cute cake pops in pink and purple frosting. Other color matching snacks will add a touch of elegance to your event.
  • If your party will be attended mostly by adults, consider a swanky spread of finger sandwiches, tea, juice, and other tea party foods. Dainty and delicate baked goods and snacks are great for an older guest list.
  • Bake your birthday cake in the shape of a castle. Use frosted ice cream cones to create four towers at the corners of a sheet cake. Decorate with candies and flag toothpicks to complete the look.
  • Create chocolate dipped strawberries that look like Belle's rose. Dip the fruit in colored pink chocolate and drizzle a swirl on the end. Serve them at the end of a long stick to create the stem.
  • Use individual Disney Princesses as inspiration for different snacks. Make egg rolls and dumplings inspired by Mulan, gumbo and rice for Tiana, Snowflake cookies for Elsa and Anna, or apple pie for Snow White. Use your imagination to come up with even more princess party foods.

Disney Princess 1st Birthday Party Favors

Send your first birthday guests home with a treasure chest full of royal treats and Disney Princess favors. Check out the ideas below for some great baby birthday favor ideas:

  • Teddy bears and stuffed animals for kids
  • Send out personalized photos of the birthday girl or guests as keepsakes. Use our personalized favors to match.
  • Baked goods and candy

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