Fireman Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created by June 14, 2016

Sound the alarm & grab your gear! This fire engine party is a high-energy theme for kids of all ages. The men and women out there dousing fires and saving lives are real-life heroes and it's no wonder so many kids want o grow up to be fire fighters. Let them feel like an honorary hero for their next birthday party. With our tips on planning the perfect party, the only fire you'll have to put out are the birthday candles!

With “official” firefighter training, a hot dog roast, and flame cupcakes, this is sure to be a party your child will remember!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this Fire Engine Birthday Party. Stop by her blog to check out tons of red hot party ideas!

Fire Engine Party Invitations

Every party starts with an invitation so make it an interesting one! These fire truck invitations can be personalized with any type of intro you’d like. Here are some creative suggestions:

  • Join us to save the day!
  • Get fired up for child name’s birthday party!
  • Calling all firefighters to attend child name’s birthday party!
  • You’ve been drafted for firefighter training! Check into child name’s firehouse on Date & Time of party at address.
  • Stop, drop and roll on over to child name’s birthday party!
  • Sound the alarm & grab your gear!
Prefer invitations you can fill in yourself? Check these out. Don’t forget the personalized address labels to save yourself some printing.

Fire Engine Party Decorating Ideas

For this party backdrop I used a red brick wall scene setter but this medieval stone wall backdrop would work as well. I finished off the backdrop with a personalized fire truck banner.

For the table, I made a fire hydrant using a red flower vase/bucket and a red bowl from the dollar store with pieces of a red pool noodle for the other parts that make up a fire hydrant. Super easy to make!

I also included a firefighter’s best friend – a Dalmatian dog! This cute piñata could be used as decoration, a prop for the photo booth and as an activity (piñata) for the kids. Alternatively, check out this cute Paw Patrol Marshall piñata.

The party table wouldn’t be complete without a fire truck – check out this easy to assemble fire truck centerpiece.

Red, orange and yellow napkins can be rolled and placed into a metal pail to look like flames.

Use jumbo gold or silver foil balloons (to spell FIRE or the child’s birthday name on the party backdrop).

Here are some additional ideas for setting the scene at your fire engine party:

Keep the little guests busy with these personalized activity mats while they wait for others at the table to finish eating.

At the eating area, I used one of the fire truck centerpieces, cut a square out of the middle, placed a red favor bag in it and filled it with popcorn. Popcorn is always a fun little snack for party guests.

Here are some other supplies for setting your fire engine party table:

Fire Engine Party Food Ideas

A fun idea that goes with the firehouse theme is to set up a kid-friendly fire pit for kids to roast hot dogs for dinner. For the young guests, you’ll want to have adults take care of the fire roasting. The kids can then top their hot dogs with a variety of toppings set out in a buffet style.

Food ideas for this party theme include:

  • hot dogs
  • hot dog buns labeled as “Stop, Drop and Hot Dog Rolls”
  • smoked meats and cheeses
  • cheezies labeled as “flames”
These personalized bag tags can be used to label food items on the party table. For this party, I used these free printables.
To make your own fire-themed cupcake stand, start with this 3-tier square cupcake stand and glue red, yellow and orange tissue paper around the outside to look like flames. Red, yellow or orange icing (or a swirl of all three) can be used to top the cupcakes wrapped in red, orange, or yellow cupcake wrappers. I used these flame cupcake wrappers from Etsy. A toy fire truck with ladder can be placed by the cupcake stand to save the day!

Other party dessert ideas include:

Fire Engine Party Activities and Games

For this photo booth, I used the same red brick wall backdrop and added in this easy-to-assemble cardboard fire engine prop. The fire hydrant I created for the main table plus the Dalmatian piñata could double as props for this photo booth as well. It’s always a nice idea to send Thank You notes after the party with photos from the photo booth.

The kids could dress up as firefighters or Dalmatian puppies for the pictures. For fire hoses, you could use pool noodles with pretend water (blue crepe streamer paper) attached to the end of it. For something a little smaller, check out this fire trucks photo prop.

Other fire engine photo booth props include:

A fun idea that kids are sure to love is to set up a fire fighter training course with activities like:

  • making your own fire extinguisher out of a squirt water bottle – check out the DIY
  • knocking down flames with water guns (could be as simple as paper flames glued onto empty plastic bottles)
  • sliding down the firehouse pole (pole at the playground)
  • using a small ladder to save a stuffed cat toy from a tree
  • best fire alarm impersonation
  • races of filling, carrying and emptying water pails in the garden
Once the little guests complete their training, you can issue them one of these free printable certificates.

Fire Engine Party Favors

No matter how old you are, everyone likes leaving the party with a special treat. Here are some fun firehouse-inspired goodies for your guests:

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