Leap Frog Ladder Race

Leap Frog Ladder Race

What You'll Need:

  • Masking Tape or Spray Paint


Mark a start line and a finish line in the playing field, about 20' to 30' apart, using masking tape or spray paint.

At the Party:

Explain to the players that they will be racing to put out a fire on the "roof" (i.e. the finish line), but that, instead of climbing ladders, they must hop over each other to reach the top!

Divide the children into pairs. Have each pair line up behind the starting line. When you say, "Go," the first child in each pair should get down on their hands and knees at the start line. The second player hops "leap frog" style over the first player, then drops to their hands and knees. The process is repeated until one team reaches the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line to "put out the fire" wins!

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