Featured Party Ideas

Your child’s birthday should be a momentous occasion that marks the growth they’ve shown over the past year. The only problem with that is their interests change with the weather, and what they were into last month may be completely different next month. This can present a challenge when choosing a theme to celebrate their big day, but we’re here to help. Our featured party ideas page is a great resource that pulls from popular themes to help you get on track to throw a bash that will impress just about any child.

Every parent wants a party theme that speaks to their kid. Do so literally with an emoji centered motif that communicates your love in a language they can understand. Add a dash of digital flare to your home with smiley face tableware, hashtag balloon bouquets, and show your emotions emoji backdrops

Kids who prefer to walk on the wild side may enjoy a trip through a prehistoric era party ripe with dinosaur decorations. Sure, we have the dino-printed invitations and 3-D T-Rex pinatas to make it happen, but the real treat comes from using your imagination to deliver a fully fleshed out theme that every one of your party goers will enjoy. Whether that be by making baking soda volcanoes or utilizing a warm lava cake – or both – to tie everything together is up to you.

It is also possible to mix and match themes to celebrate your child in a wholly unique way. Combining mermaids and unicorns, for example, is a great way to turn your home into a mythical wonderland.

Celebrate your little one’s big day with gusto. Plan a party that puts them in the center of a dream world created specifically for them. We have the supplies, and with a bit of creativity, your child will have the happiest birthday on the block!

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