Stunt Divers

Stunt Divers

This silly game is fun to play indoors with a group of children on a rainy day. You can use found objects from around the house and have a contest to see which team can flick them into cups the fastest.

What You'll Need:

  • Paper cups (1 per team)
  • Small action figures that can fit in a spoon such as army men or LEGO Mini Figures® (10 per team)
  • Plastic spoons (1 per team)
  • Several prizes

How to Play Stunt Divers:
  1. Divide the players into pairs to form several teams of two.
  2. The teams should spread out so that they don't bump into each other while playing.
  3. Give each team one cup, one spoon and 10 action figures. You can use army men, LEGO Mini Figures® or any other small toys you have lying around the house.
  4. Assign one team member to be the catcher and one team member to be the flicker.
  5. When you say "go," the flicker should load the first toy into their spoon and catapult it into the air.
  6. The catcher has to catch the toy in their cup.
  7. If they catch the toy, the flicker then catapults the second toy into the air.
  8. If they miss, they must try again until the toy is caught in the cup.
  9. This continues until one team has caught all ten of their toys in their cup.
  10. At this point, the toys are emptied and the catcher and flicker switch positions.
  11. Once again all ten toys must be catapulted and caught in the cup.
  12. The first team to do this the fastest wins!
  13. Award a prize to the winning team or the teams that come in first, second and third place.

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