Emoji Party

By Emily Churchill

Created on May 22, 2018

OMG! Your #birthdaykid will totally ROTFL with their friends over this Emoji themed party! Now you can invite the whole spectrum of emotion along with PURE HAPPINESS to celebrate the next big birthday in your house.

Let's face it, sometimes it's difficult to convey emotions through today's digital communications, so we rely on those little yellow faces to help show our feelings. This is the age of "the feels" and if you've ever felt anything, then we're pretty sure there's an appropriate emoji you can add to texts and IMs to show it.

According to the data, our utmost joy 😂 has been getting the most shares, so why not represent Birthday Bliss with an Emoji themed party. There's now a huge selection of supplies to help you stay smiling 😀 throughout the party planning process. And with the helpful tips below your party will be 💯.

Emoji Party Invitations

Let friends know you’re ready to party with invitations featuring some of the most popular emotions. No one will be crying will they receive this invite, especially if it’s paired with an emoji Pez dispenser.

Save time by ordering personalized invitations, or try your hand at making your own.

Emoji Party Decorations

The great thing about an emoji party is that is works for boys and girls of all ages.

Since the most recognizable emojis are the bright yellow faces, we suggest choosing an accent color to really make them pop. Start with a solid color backdrop behind the food table then adhere Yellow, White and Black Paper Fans in various sizes. We prefer large Glue Dots over double stick tape.

Black and white works really well with this theme as well so here we made streamers out of black and white table covers. Using sharp scissors, cut the table covers in half while they are still folded to create the long strips.

Tassel garlands are fun and versatile and come in a variety of colors. We chose a blue tassel garland to match the backdrop and then used emoji dessert plates to bring the theme together.


Everyone loves a candy buffet! Let your emoji-ons take over and go with an all yellow candy palette. With candies like M&Ms, Jelly Belly beans, buttermints, gumballs, popcorn, and Hershey Kisses in yellow wrappers. Add a little fun to your candy bowls by giving each of them some personality. You can use a Sharpie to create faces or cut them out of vinyl if you have a cutting machine.

Make cute cupcake toppers to dress up plain yellow cupcakes with round emoji stickers on plastic food picks.

Emoji Party Activities

Plan a couple of games your guests can play together before cake and opening presents. You can have each guest create their own emoji mask by gluing a popsicle stick to a yellow plate and having a range of paper “emotions” for them to choose and glue on. For instance, smiley faces, heart eyes, sunglasses, kissy lips, frowns, and tears of laughter.

Another game kids can play in pairs is “So Emoji-onal Tic Tac Toe.” Snip off the plastic sticks from Wilton Emoji Cupcake Toppers and use them as game pieces. You can download the free printable board game piece and print as many as you need.

For the little kids, this version of Pin The Tail on the Donkey has been updated with emojis, and will get have your blindfolded guests trying add a "like button" to poster.

Set up a simple selfie station and include Emoji Photo Props that include all the favorite emojis!

Emoji Party Favors

One of the best things about having a candy buffet is that your favors are taken care of. Give each guest a favor bag and a candy scoop and let them have fun! They’ll be LOLing the whole way home with a lollipop featuring a colorful poop sticker!

Party styled and designed by Kylie from Made by a Princess. Head over to her blog for more party tips, recipes, and free printables.

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