Emily Churchill Author Bio

Some say creativity runs in the blood and the physical arts were all a part of growing up for Emily Churchill. A life-long lover of sketching, painting, ceramics and sewing- there wasn’t a craft she wouldn’t try. But her primary professional and personal creative output has come from her camera. Since learning the secrets of the darkroom as a young girl, she has been chasing the magic of light ever since. After going digital and earning her Associate's Degree in Photography in 2010, the Adobe Creative Suite has become part of her daily toolset as a portrait and product photographer.

Her eye for design has evolved over the 4 years she has been creating and developing content for BirthdayInABox.com, introducing video creation to her list of skills. Together with her assembled team of professional party planners, crafters, makeup artists and illustrators, the portfolio of parties, tutorials and graphics has continued to grow and improve. Keeping an eye on the trends and tracking sales data has helped Emily build a catalog of unique, useful and evergreen content that gets shared by hundreds of thousands of people every year. In her spare time, you’ll most likely find her hiking in the woods with a camera in her hand, hunting for gourmet wild mushrooms and photographing her finds before taking them home to cook for dinner!

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