Elena of Avalor Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on December 30, 2016

Elena of Avalor, Disney’s first Latina princess, is brave, headstrong, confident and loves adventure! After being freed from a magical amulet by Sofia from Sofia the First, Elena fought an evil sorceress in order to save her family, her friends, and her Kingdom.  Nothing stops this girl…especially not a good party! Whether it’s Dia de los Muertos, a birthday party, or a Royal Ball, Elena will be there because she is all about bringing people together. Here are some tips on how to host a party just like Elena of Avalor!

Elena of Avalor Party Planning & Invitations

Princesses love jewels so add a few to the invitation. All you need is a package of sticker backed rhinestones, found at your local craft store. We chose turquoise to make the flowers really stand out and sparkle. You can also include an Elena tattoo along with your invitation to get your guests really excited about your party. Every time they look at their tattoo they will think about the adventures awaiting them at your party!

Elena of Avalor Party Decorating & Food

One of Elena’s favorite days is Dia de los Muertos so you could easily choose a Dia de los Muertos theme for a Princess of Avalor party. We chose a more regal theme by incorporating the reds from her dress and the gold and turquoise from her scepter. The curtains and swag across the top were actually made using several packages of plastic tablecloths. To achieve this same look cut slits towards the top of end of the tablecloth and then hang on a curtain rod or rope. Secure carefully behind your table and then trim as needed along the bottom so no one trips over it.

Rich red tissue pompoms are great decorations as well because they are easy to put together and are inexpensive. They are also lightweight and easily transported to an offsite location if you are not hosting a party at home. Unlike balloons you do not have to worry about them popping if you need to hang them from trees.

Every Princess party needs royal goblets! Create your own custom goblets using plastic wine glasses and sticker backed rhinestones. We stuck to the basic color scheme of red, turquoise, and gold but added small pearls to fill in the spaces between the larger stones. This would also be a fun activity station for your guests and then each child could take their own home when the party was over.

We also decided to give our utensils a bit of a makeover as well. Sticker backed rhinestones were used again to add some sparkle to the forks, spoons, and knives. We then wrapped them in turquoise napkins and secured them to paper plates by punching two holes and running a piece of ribbon through. This is a great idea when you are low on table space or are planning on hosting a buffet. Your guests do not have to hassle with trying to hold their utensils and their plate while serving themselves.

Spanish inspired food like empanadas, burritos, taquitos, and chips and salsa are perfect for an Elena party. You can find just about all you need in the freezer section of your local grocery store or Walmart. You can also host a taco bar where your guests can create their own.

Candy buffets are always popular. We chose red, turquoise, and yellow candies to fill our jars that were within the theme and easy to send home with guests. We also added a pretty ribbon to the rock candy to make it more festive looking and to bring the colors of the party together.

Elena of Avalor Party Activities & Favors

A piñata is a great activity for an Elena of Avalor party and always a hit with young guests. Party goers will also enjoy our activity mats that double as a placemats. Each mat design has been created to match the theme perfectly. Another great thing about our mats is that they can be customized with the name of the birthday child. For example, “Happy Birthday, Isabella!”

Other fun activities at an Elena of Avalor party could be making friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss, making flower crowns or flower hair pins using crepe paper, or creating royal scepters out of paper towel rolls, a Styrofoam ball, and tinfoil.

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