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At the Party:

  1. Have your guests sit on the floor, forming a circle.
  2. Choose one person to be the leader.
  3. The leader begins by selecting a category, such as "types of dessert" or "things in a kitchen."
  4. He/she then starts a slap-clap-snap rhythm by slapping a knee twice, clapping twice, and snapping his/her fingers twice. Everyone joins in the rhythm.
  5. The leader then says one item in the category, such as "ice cream" for the "types of dessert" category.
  6. Play continues clockwise, moving to the leader's left, until someone is unable to think of an item, misses the beat, or repeats what someone else already said.
  7. When someone misses, that player begins a new category.

For a more competitive game, any player that misses the beat, can't think of an item, or repeats someone else's response is eliminated. Continue until one player is left and is named the winner.

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