Red Rover

Red Rover

The object of this game is to finish with more players on your team than on the opposing team.

How to Play:

  1. Divide the children into two equal teams, and select a captain for each.
  2. Have the teams form two lines running distance apart from each other. Team members should stand shoulder-to-shoulder, holding hands and facing the opposing team.
  3. The captain of the first team selects a person on the opposing team and, along with his or her teammates, calls out, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send [Susie] right over!"
  4. The chosen player then runs toward the calling team and tries to break through the line of arms and linked hands.
  5. If the player is successful, he or she gets to pick a member of the opposing team to take back to his or her team. If the player is unsuccessful in breaking through the line, he or she joins the opposing team.
  6. Play then alternates to the other team, and so on until time is up.
  7. After a designated period of time, the team with the most players wins.


  • Daisy Chain: This girly version is just as fun. Instead of reciting "Red Rover, Red Rover..." substitute it with "Daisy may; daisy do. Let [opponent's name] try to break through!"
  • Steam Roller: A variation for a construction themed party works the same but the boys can add fun construction equipment sound effects and say, "Steam Roller, Steam Roller, send (player's name) right over!"
  • Forcing the City Gates: This is a great variation for army and knight parties. A captain/commander calls for someone to try and break through the city gates by yelling, "Send your soldier (or knight) to break our border (or gate)

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