Hopscotch diagram


Draw a hopscotch pattern in the shape shown to the right on a driveway or sidewalk. (Click here to print a copy of our hopscotch pattern.)

At the Party:

Have each child take a turn going through the following instructions:

  1. Toss a small stone onto section 1.
  2. On one foot, hop over the section with the stone, onto 2, and then onto 3. Then, land with both feet on 4 and 5 at the same time.
  3. Hop onto 6 with one foot, and then land on 7 and 8 with both feet.
  4. Continue to 9 and then 10 on one foot.
  5. While on 10, jump, turn around, and then hop back to the beginning in the same fashion. When you land on section 2, bend down and pick up the stone, hop onto 1, and then hop off.
  6. Toss the stone onto section 2, and continue as above, skipping over the section with the stone.
  7. If a child misses a toss, steps on a line, or steps out of the pattern, the next child in line takes a turn.
  8. A player is finished when he/she has tossed a rock onto all ten spaces and completed the hopping sequence for each toss.

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