Duck Dynasty Duck Hunt

Duck Shoot Game

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Get into the outdoor spirit with a fun Duck Dynasty party game. Take a shot at hunting with toy ducks and stuffed animals.

What You'll Need:
  • Sling shots
  • Pom poms, cotton balls, or ping pong balls
  • Stuffed animals and rubber ducks


  1. Before the game starts, set stuffed animals on benches, furniture, and the ground to create a shooting range. You might want to label each toy with a different point value on a sticky note attached to them.

  2. Have guests stand back an appropriate distance from the shooting range you have created and open fire with your kid-safe pom poms or cotton balls. Ping pong balls also work great as ammunition.

  3. Keep track of how many targets each player hits. Tally up the scorecards and let them know how they stack up.

  4. You can award Duck Dynasty favors as prizes if you wish.

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