Dr. Seuss Party

By Emily Churchill

Created on April 10, 2018

Today is great! Today is fun! Welcome to the party, everyone! With silly rhymes and characters, there’s no limit to the creativity for a Dr. Seuss Party. This Dr. Seuss party incorporates a few of the classic Dr. Seuss characters like Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2 plus others. This bright, cheerful, rhyming party is great for a first birthday or even a 10th!

Cheryl from Moms & Munchkins styled, wrote and photographed this Dr. Seuss Birthday Party. Stop by her blog to get fantastic ideas for parties and more!

Dr. Seuss Party Invitations

Personalized invitations are always a timesaver since you don’t have to manually write in all the party information. With options for a photo on the invitations, this is also a great keepsake for your family scrapbook! For the DIY types, here are some wording ideas for a Dr. Seuss party invitation.

  • You could not, would not, want to miss this party!
  • Would you, could you, come to play? I hope you join my special day!
  • Yes, it’s truer than true! I want to celebrate my birthday with you!
  • A person’s a person, no matter how small.
  • Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Please join us in celebrating {child name}’s birthday and help us create new, happy memories!
Prefer a colorful card to write your party information into? Check these out:

Dr. Seuss Party Decorations

In addition to fun rhymes and silly characters, the Dr. Seuss books are well known for their bright colors. Red, blue and white are popular for this theme but you can easily mix in a few bright colors with DIY truffula trees, balloons and printable quotes on the back wall.

A fun idea for main table backdrop is to frame some of the famous quotes from Dr. Seuss. For whimsical frames, check out these printables. Here are a few free printable quotes to help you get started – plus one more!

For the DIY types, an easy & fun way to decorate the party backdrop is by creating some truffula trees. This is super easy to do with some pink, yellow and blue fluffy decorations plus white & black paper for the tree trunks. Rather than taping this all to the wall, you can buy some foam poster boards at the dollar store to decorate.
For this table setting, I chose a red & white striped table cover and then used a light blue plastic table cover as a table runner. An easy way to add height to a table is to cover boxes in wrapping paper that matches your theme and then use those boxes like cake stands or shelves on the party table.

This circus tent shaped lollipop stand works perfectly with this Dr. Seuss theme because of the colors: red, blue and white. You can leave the circus top off if it doesn’t match with your theme. Don’t forget the red swirl and blue swirl lollipops!

For a sweet treat at the eating area, create some cotton candy truffula trees! Super easy to make: fill a small glass jar with jelly beans, insert some black and white striped straws and top with balls of cotton candy. Keep in mind, the cotton candy will start shrinking and melting once out of the bag so you’ll want to set these up just right before your guests arrive.

At the guest eating area, you can use themed Dr. Seuss plates, napkins and cups to help set the scene. You can recreate this look, or try your own unique creation, with these party supplies:

Dr. Seuss Party Food

With Dr. Seuss silly rhymes and wacky characters, there are so many ways to get creative with food at a Dr. Seuss party. Your kids would love to help you think of silly food ideas – maybe go to your local library to read some Dr. Seuss books together for inspiration!

You’ll find plenty of inspiration for party food in the Dr. Seuss books like:

  • Goldfish crakers labeled as “One Fish, Two Fish”
  • Popcorn labeled as “Circus McGurkus Popcorn”
  • Small ham sandwiches labeled as “Sam I Am Ham Sliders”
  • Hot dogs labeled “Hot Dogs from a Spool”
  • Pita pockets labled “Wocket Pita Pockets”
  • Pretzel rods or bread sticks labeled as “The King’s Stilts”

Dr. Seuss Dessert Ideas

Create your own Thing 1 & Thing 2 cupcakes using these red & white reversible cupcake wrappers and this free printable. For an easy and cute Cat in the Hat cupcake stand, use a white cupcake stand with this Cat in the Hat cake topper on top.

You can find some inspiration for party sweets in the Dr. Seuss books like:

  • gummy fish labeled as “Red Fish, Blue Fish”
  • Hop on POPcorn squares – check out this recipe for popcorn cake then add in blue food coloring to the melted marshmallows and add red candies to the top.
  • Chocolate mousse labeled as “Thidwick Mousse”
  • Green Jell-O labeled as Oobleck
Other ideas for Dr. Seuss party treats include:

Dr. Seuss Photobooth

Both kids and adults love a photo booth at a party! It gives everyone a chance to act a little silly and take some pictures to remember the special day. To create this party backdrop, start with a red & white striped tablecloth as a scene setter. These stick to the wall really well just with static – no tape or tacks required! Then you’ll want some cardboard standup characters like the Cat in the Hat or Thing 1 and Thing 2. White and red paper lanterns or balloons are an easy way to further decorate that party area. A personalized banner is always a nice touch. Add some extra flair to it by attaching red & blue tassel garland pieces to the bottom of the banner.

Check out these supplies for creating your own Dr. Seuss party photo booth:

Dr. Seuss Party Activities

Charades is always a party favorite and there are so many great ideas for charades with all the unique Dr. Seuss characters! Check out this free printable Hop On Pop charades game.

Over on Seussville.com, you’ll find lots of free printables in the games & activities section like printable mazes, coloring pages and more!

Here are some other supplies to help you plan some Dr. Seuss games:

Dr. Seuss Party Favors

A fun choice for party favors is to send each child home with a Dr. Seuss book or a home reading log plus reward chart with some of your favorite Dr. Seuss books noted (party guests can borrow these books from the library).

Other creative party favor ideas include:

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