Indoor Dog Party Games

Indoor Dog Party Games

Name That Dog:Show pictures of different breeds of dogs, and have your guests take turns identifying them. You may want to divide the children into two teams and let them compete against each other. Having teams may also help them to identify more of the pictures.

Romping Rovers: Younger children love pretend play, so they're sure to enjoy acting like dogs. Ask them to sit, roll over, lie down, and shake a paw.

Feed the Puppy: In this variation of a bean bag toss, start with a poster of a dog. Glue the poster onto cardboard, and cut a hole near the dog's mouth. Hand three real dog treats to each player, and let the children take turns tossing the treats through the hole to "feed" the dog. Award a small prize to any child who gets one treat through the hole and a larger prize to any child who gets in all three treats.

Doggy Freeze Dance: Have all the children dance and bark to dog music. When you call "Freeze" and shut off the music, everyone must stop at once. Anyone still moving after you say "Freeze" is out. Continue playing until only one child remains. Songs to use during this activity could be "Who Let the Dogs Out", "How Much is that Doggy in the Window," or any other song you prefer.

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