Dog Crafts & Activities

Dog Crafts & Activities

Dog Collar Craft: When your guests arrive, let them make their own doggie collars out of strips of felt or construction paper that you cut in advance. Give the children decorations like markers, stickers and plastic gems. When their collars are ready, use masking tape to secure the collars around their necks. As an alternative to paper or felt, the children can use licorice strings and round cereal to make their dog collars. Have an adult ready to tie the collars loosely around the children's necks. The children will enjoy nibbling on their collars during the party!

Tail Waggin' Fun: Provide strips of fake fur, ribbons and safety pins, and let each guest make a dog tail by pinning the strips of fur to the ribbons. Help the children tie the ribbons around their waists to put on their completed tails.

Design a Dog House Craft: Collect a variety of small boxes before the party, and cut an opening in each. On the party day, let each guest decorate a mini dog house of their own with construction paper, markers, crayons, plastic gems, and foam shapes.

T-Shirt Activity: Older children will enjoy decorating plain T-shirts using fabric paint pens or foam stamps in dog bone and paw print shapes (from a craft store). Let the shirts dry during the party, and have your guests take them home as party favors.

Doggy Bakery:Bake sugar cookies using a bone-shaped cookie cutter before the party, and set out little paper cups of frosting and sprinkles. Let each guest decorate one or two cookies and either eat them at the party or take them home as party favors.

Dog Bowl Decorating: Provide each child with a new, clean plastic dog bowl, and let them decorate it with markers, paint pens (for older children) and stickers. Then they can fill their dog bowls with Puppy Chow (cereal snack mix)!

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