Doc McStuffins First Aid Box

Doc McStuffins

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A good doctor knows to be prepared! Dottie McStuffins aspires to be a doctor just like her mom. Get your guests ready for whatever might happen with this personalized first aid kit craft.

What You'll Need:
  • A plastic or wooden box. Pencil cases and craft boxes work well for this craft.
  • Stickers
  • Decorations like markers, paint, rhinestones, and glitter
  • Medical supplies like bandages and antiseptic

Craft Ideas:

Let guests color and decorate their box. When they are done, they will have a unique and useful Doc McStuffins party favor.
  • Write "FIRST AID KIT" prominently on the front of the box. It is important that you know what is inside!

  • Line the edges of your first aid box with rhinestones for a bright and blingy box.

  • Use stuffed animal stickers and Doc McStuffins images to cover your craft to fit in with your party theme.

Fill your completed boxes with a few basic medical supplies and encourage guests to keep their first aid packs stocked in case of minor emergencies.

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