Do The Robot Transformer

Transformers Dancing

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Put a fun twist on a classic game of freeze dance with this robot party game. Your Transformers party game is sure to be a hit thanks to this sweet dance style!

What You'll Need:
  • A music player
  • Knowledge of The Robot
  • Transformers masks (optional)


  1. Players should stand up and be ready to bust out their best robot dance.

  2. Have an adult start the music and let it play for a little bit. Then stop at a random time. When the music stops, all players must freeze.

  3. Any dancer who cannot hold their freeze pose until the music starts again is out of the game.

  4. Continue stopping and starting music until there is only one player left to crown the winner.

  5. Award small prizes for different categories like "Best Dance Moves" and "Most Robotic" etc. This way everyone can feel included!

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