DIY Piranha Plant Decoration

By Emily Churchill

Created on March 1, 2018

Name a game almost all gamers have played? If you said Super Mario Bros. you're right! Our calculations are unscientific, but our feelings about the popularity of this pair of Italian brothers are strong. Super Mario Bros is basically an empire. It may have been introduced to the world in the mid-80's but decades later here we are still talking about it AND playing it! Different Nintendo platforms have kept the franchise alive with countless spin-offs and upgrades. So it makes perfect sense to consider the theme for your little gamer's next birthday party.

Make your Super Mario Bros Party even that more SUPER with a DIY Piranha Flower. These ill-tempered carnivorous plants are a staple feature in the world of Super Mario. We transformed parts of a centerpiece and a mini-paper fan into a game changing characterization of the iconic power hungry botanical.

These plants won't bite or spit fire, but they will look awesome tucked in among the rest of your Super Mario decor. Follow along with the instructions below to see what you'll need to recreate these fanged flora table decorations.


Power up with these easy to acquire supplies. (TIP: You can make two flowers from one centerpiece.)

  • White Cardstock "Petals"
  • Green Cardstock Leaves
  • Green Paper Shred
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Hot Glue Gun


Level 1: Paint the dowel green and allow to dry.

Level 2: Remove the black circle center from the centerpiece then use a craft knife to make a small “x” in the center of the green circle section. Assemble according to given directions.

Level 3: Insert dowel into wheel then push dowel through “x”. (TIP: Use a bit of hot glue to stabilize dowel.)

Level 4: Cut sides and top from mini-paper fan. Trim pie-shaped section from the chipboard circle. Glue opened fan to sliced chipboard circle, matching flat spots as shown.

Level 5: Glue cardstock “petals” and circles to fan front using picture as a guide.

Game Over: Finish flower by gluing leaves to dowel and filling centerpiece with paper shred.

Grow yourself an entire garden full of Piranha Plants. Or at least enough to fill in any bare spots are your Super Mario Birthday Party! Take the whole shin-dig to another level and make it a costume party. Browse a giant selection of familiar characters and accesories on Costume Supercenter's Super Mario Costumes Page.

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