Disney’s Brave Party Ideas

If your little archer is crazy for the strong-willed princess with wild, red hair, throw him or her the perfect Disney brave movie party! Our brave party ideas guide includes tips for brave invitations, brave decorations, brave games, brave inspired food and brave favor ideas. Follow our brave party ideas, tips and tricks for a Princess Merida birthday that's legendary! 

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For a brave Party? In addition to basic brave party supplies, like plates, cups, napkins, and decorations, you may want to consider purchasing, borrowing or renting the following items for your Disney brave party:

 brave Party Invitation Ideas Pressed for time but still want a personalized touch? Try our brave invitations, which can be printed to include your child's name and all of the party details! For a unique touch, you can make your own brave party invitations. This can be a fun activity to get you and your child excited for your brave party! Here are some brave invitation ideas for your upcoming brave party:Include brave stickers or brave tattoos with your invitations. Seal the envelopes with a personalized brave sticker printed with your party information or special message.
  • Create a card-style invitation using Celtic knot designs on a green background. Write your party details in a gold, flowing script.
  • Take a picture of your child shooting a toy bow and arrow and upload the image to your computer. Use photo software to add the message, "Aiming to have you at my brave party!" Write your party details on the back of the invite.
  • Let your guests know if you would like them to dress up like their favorite character from the brave movie.
  • Use creative writing in your brave Invitations. Use the invitation wording below for inspiration: We're throwing a brave party and it's our aim To invite you to join us for cake and party games! We hope you're feeling adventurous For a party with a brave princess!

Decorating & Food Ideas

The right decorations can make all the difference at your Disney brave party! Whether you would like to use a Disney princess theme or opt for party decorations that embrace the Scottish setting of brave, you'll find great brave decoration ideas below:

  • Create a castle or rainy countryside using craft paper. Cut out the shapes of large boulders or the columns from Stonehenge from gray craft paper and hang it on the walls. You can also cut out a castle and hang it on the wall. Set your table to look like a medieval court!
  • Buy, rent or borrow archery targets to place around the party area. You can also cut circles out of craft paper to make your own decorations. Hang your craft paper targets on the wall or attach them to sand bags.
  • Hang brave banners, posters, and stills from the brave movie around your party area.
  • Group sets of green, gold and purple balloons around the party area. Include a few brave balloons for a touch of fun in your brave decorations!
 brave Party Food Ideas In addition to pizza, chicken fingers, hamburgers or hotdogs, you can add some brave themed food into the mix. Here are some suggestions.
  • Throw a medieval feast! Serve drinks in goblets.
  • Bake archery target sugar cookies! Start by making our sugar cookie recipe or buying refrigerated sugar cookie dough. Let the dough soften to room temperature and separate the dough into three parts. Mix red food coloring into one portion, blue to the second, and leave the third uncolored. Roll the red dough into a long log shape. Roll the blue dough flat with a rolling pin and wrap the blue dough around the red roll completely. Do the same with the uncolored dough to for the outermost layer. Cover with plastic wrap and chill for 2-3 hours until firm. Slice off 3/8 inch slices of the cookie log and position evenly on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake as directed and enjoy!
  • Serve some of the treats seen in the brave movie. Scones, shortbread and jam, Scottish sweet buns, and Linzer Heart Cookies are some great examples. If you're planning on serving lunch or dinner, you can try traditional Scottish foods like Haggis (you can substitute regular sausage for this and call it Haggis), Mince and tatties (ground beef and mashed potatoes), and cider.
  • Bake bear claw cookies from chocolate cookie dough. Add almond slivers to make claws!

Party Favor Ideas

Brave Party Favors Princess Merida is a strong headed Disney princess who knows what she wants. Give your guests what they want with some of our great brave favor ideas:

  • Teddy bears and stuffed animals.
  • Silly straws
  • brave toys and dolls
  • Toy bow and arrows

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