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Disney Planes Party Ideas Bookmark and Share Bring high altitude and excitement to your child's next birthday bash when you fly into the exciting world of Disney's Planes! We've got everything you need to immerse your child and all their friends into the magical world of their favorite movie! Be prepared to take to the skies like Dusty and throw a bash that's sure to be talked about long after its done! Have all your friends and family come along for an adventure that'll take you sky high when you plan a party with Planes! Shop our Disney Planes Party Supplies Browse this guide:

Planning & Invitations

What Do I Need For the Party?

This is a high flying occasion and you want to be sure that you have everything necessary to bring out the best party possible. We'll layout a fun yet enticing party plan that's sure to have your guests excited to be apart of the action! We've got fun party ideas that are sure to bring out a creative flair that you never thought possible!
  • Be sure to snag the Planes movie on DVD, bring some popcorn, and have a fun movie premiere to show your guests!
  • Bring Dusty to the party when you see our life-size balloon!
  • Have your kid dress like an aviator ready to pilot their favorite Planes character!
  • Start your engines for a race with your planes! See how far they can go when you make their gliders part of the race!
  • Be sure to have a snack table so your guests can refill their engines with yummy fuel.
  • Have a few model planes ready that your little aviators can help build together!

Inviting Your Guests to a Disney Planes Party

Calling your guests to a festive affair that allows you to show your creativity and flair. Bring out the fun Disney magic when you invite your recipients to the party with custom invitations! Your child's special day will be an occasion to remember and will have a permanent fixture in their memories. Make the most out of the high stakes adventure and bring your kid into the creative process!
  • Write your invitations on Planes inspired parchment, fold them into paper airplanes and send them to your guests!
  • Send out some adorable Plane favor bags with invites in them!
  • Print out a faux airline ticket and set the destination to your address for a great time!
  • Have some fun creating these invitations, consider writing a fun limerick in the invites to pull your guests in. A fun example being,
The propellers spinning, suspended in air. When we party together we won't have a care. Be prepared for tons of fun Adventure will be yours to spare! Planning an event as special as your child's big party is a great bonding experience. You can cut down on the work however and snag some custom Planes invitations. You can personalize the message and have your guests feel just as special as if you handmade the invites yourself! We've got a medley of options that are sure to bring to life your image of a great themed party. Disney Planes Personalized Invitations Disney Planes Pre-Printed Invitations Personalized Planes Mailing Labels  

Decorating & Food Ideas

Disney Planes Party Decoration Ideas

Have the ideas for your party be as adventurous and exciting as you can imagine! Have you and your child come up with concepts that are fun and creative to execute!
  • Hang a Dusty pinata and give it a hit to see it "fly" open!
  • Make paper airplanes, decorate them, and hang them around the party so you can make believe that your party is an airplane hanger.
  • Hang a personalized banner so your kid can see Dusty welcoming them to their extravagant event
  • Break out the Planes movie so your kids can be entertained while you get the rest of the decor ready!
  • Section off portions of your party and mimic an airport. Have a place for guests to put their luggage, the liftoff, make sure you have a separate spot of your party for attendees and employees!
  • Put up some racing streamers and get the thrill of the race going when your kids are looking for adventure!
  • Be sure to have tons of Dusty themed tableware so the kids never lose sight of their favorite character!
Disney Planes Pinata Disney Planes Ultimate Kit Planes Cardboard Standup

Disney Planes Themed Food Ideas

When it comes to Disney themes, nothing is ever boring so be sure your food adds an element of excitement that will enhance your Planes party
  • Give your guests little snack packs like they would get on an actual plane. Include the food you might see on a plane like pretzels and popcorn.
  • Have a drink cart that goes around the party that guests can snag on the go. Make sure that you have plenty of fun accessories like silly straws so even the drinks can be fun!
  • Make some fun shaped cookies that are sure to remind your kids of Planes! You can even use the cutters for sandwiches.
  • Create cupcakes with the fun Planes appliques to decorate your frosted delights in style.
  • Snag a few extra supplies and have yourself a Candy Airplane when you make this Disney inspired treat.
  • Dip marshmallows into colored chocolate and poke a colorful stick in each one. Use orange and blue chocolate melts so they match the color theme of the party like the ones shown below
Disney Planes Marshmallow Recipe

Party Favor Ideas

Disney Planes Party Favors

Every great flight has to come to an end, and the passengers have to mingle onto their next destinations. Make sure that your guests don't go home empty handed! Hand out some fun and themed party favors that are sure to have them fondly remember their extravagant experience with you. OurDisney Planes Party Favors really "bring the experience home." When you're looking for a good way to finish your party be sure to look at our party favor kits, they're sure to have a wide selection of choices for you to select. Disney Planes Favor Mega Pack Disney Planes Ultimate Favor Kit Disney Planes Standard Favor Kit  

Party Planning Toolbox

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Games and Activities

Coloring Pages

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Scavenger Hunt Games

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Balloon Games

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Relay Races

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