Disney Frozen Party ideas

Frozen Anna and Elsa Bookmark and Share Frozen is the biggest movie that Disney has had in years. The demand for Frozen party supplies and costumes has been great so if you child dreams of having a Frozen theme party, consider her in good company. This will be a celebration that every one of her friends will think is the best party they ever went to. As a parent, we have made it easy for you to throw a Frozen party that your daughter and her friends will never forget. Everything you need from tableware and decorations to games, foods and favors are all her for your reference. Have fun planning and celebrating your Frozen party. Shop our Frozen Party Supplies. Frozen Planning & Invitations Frozen Party Decoration Tips Frozen Party Food Frozen Party Favors Frozen Party Planning Toolbox Frozen Games & Activities What Do I Need For my Frozen Party? To bring the world of Anna, Elsa and Olaf to your home you'll need some special extras. In addition to all of the Frozen Themed party supplies and decorations you should consider enhancing your party space with some of the following ideas:
    • Frozen on DVD or the Frozen soundtrack playing during the party
  • Sprinkle glitter and paper snowflakes on the table for extra icy sparkles

Frozen Party Invitations

  If you have the time and you're feeling creative, you can make homemade Frozen invitations but you can get just as much impact with our personalized invitations that include your child's name, a personalized message and all your party details. We also sell blank Frozen invitations which are your fastest, easiest way to inform guest of your plans. Creative invitations provide you guests with a sense of anticipation. With an invitation that is very special, guests will expect an equally special party. With this guide you can't go wrong so we say go for it!. The way you word your invitation and how your deliver it can add a lot of excitement. Consider your theme and use your imagination. If you have the time to make your own invitations, here are a few Frozen birthday party invitation ideas:
    • Seal your envelopes with a snowflake sticker or an official Disney Frozen sticker. This will give your guests a good guess as to what is inside the envelope!
  • Cut snowflake construction paper or make a Snowman. You can even use light blue construction paper and glitter to make a dress like Elsa's . Write in your party details on the back and decorate the front to look like the character.
  • Include creative wording on your invitations such as:"Let it go! Let it go!"It's a Frozen birthday for Dana That will be the "coolest" party for sure Because she's a girl worth melting for
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Frozen Party Decorations

  Here are some of our favorite suggestions for Frozen party decorations:
    • Set the scene with cardboard full-sized standups of Anna, Elsa and Olaf as well as Sven and Olaf together, and the Frozen castle. The kids will have a blast posing for pictures next to them. These pictures will also make great favors..
  • Our Personalized Frozen banners add the color and feel of the movie to your party space.
  • Turn your room into the winter wonderland of Anandelle with snowflakes, silver foil star hanging decorations and metallic silver streamer curtains in the doorway to simulate icicles.
  • Group bunches of Frozen balloons together and weigh them down with balloon weights in blue or silver.
      Disney Frozen Balloon Bouquet Princess Elsa and Anna Snowflake Foil Spray Centerpiece

Frozen Party Food Ideas

  Birthday Cake featuring Olaf It can be fun to prepare and serve party food that fits your theme. For a Frozen Party, try foods that feature blue, white and light purple. Find more ideas below:
    • Turn ordinary mini carrots into "Olaf Noses" and pretzel sticks into "Olaf Arms". Serve them with a snowy white onion dip.
  • Make snowmen with marshmallows, licorice sticks, candy buttons and royal icing.
  • Make Frozen hearts by dipping strawberries in melted white chocolate and sprinkling with white decorating sugar
  • Serve blue Kool-Aid punch with frozen balls of whipped topping floating on top to look like snowballs
  • Create a candy buffet of blue and white, gumballs, jellybeans, sixlets, and sugar cube lollipops because they look just like ice. Provide Frozen favor bags for the girls to bring home some sweets that they can enjoy later.
  • Bake a cake and cover it with blue fondant, available at most party supplie stores. Use snowflake cookie cutters and white fondant to decorate your cake. Write on the cake with silver or white frosting.

Frozen Party Favor Ideas

  Every little girl will be thrilled to go home with a bag of Disney Frozen favors, toys and goodies.
    • Purchase a Frozen 16oz reusable drink cup or Frozen Sport 13oz Drink Bottle and fill it with candy.
  • Frozen themed snowglobes make a great favor that will give a child something to display in their room
  • Get some Frozen Award Ribbons to give to kids for winning party games
  • All of the above mentioned item and so much more can be found in our Frozen party supplies page under the "Party Favors" and "More Fun Stuff" tabs. Don't miss all of these great ideas and treats!
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Party Planning Toolbox

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