Despicable Me Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on June 14, 2016

The goggled, yellow henchmen a.k.a. Minions have not only stolen the show, but also the hearts of millions! Let's celebrate them in true-blue and yellow fashion! Even though the minions exist to serve the evils of the world, they are no strangers to a good time. String up the streamers. Blow up the balloons. Dish out the candy buffet. Invite all the little minions over for your next birthday bash and take over the world! Shop our Despicable Me theme for everything you need to keep the villians villains and the pint sized apprentices having fun. Keep reading for great ideas for make your party one-of-a-kind by DIY projects that incorporate or explore our awesome our personalized party supplies and ready-made tableware. Read below for fun parties ideas:  
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Despicable Me Invitations

Start the party off right with our Despicable Me Minion Invitations. Create your own with these ideas or choose a personalized or pre-printed Minion invitation for ease. For a unique twist make your own invitation: Cutout Minion
  • Make a minion from yellow construction paper or card stock.
  • Cut out white circles for the eyes.
  • Draw on goggles and faces with black marker.
  • Glue on "goggly eyes."
  • Cut out blue overalls and glue on Minion.
  • Write party details on the back.
Despicable Me Balloon Invite
  • Purchase yellow latex balloons in medium size.
  • Blow up each balloon.
  • Using a black sharpie marker, draw minion goggles and faces and write out the party details.
  • Allow to dry then un-inflate the balloon.
  • Place balloon in an envelope with a note instructing guests: "Gru says, I'm afraid your invitation met my shrink ray. Blow up this balloon and join my Minions"
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Despicable Me Party Decorations

Stock up on yellow and blue party supplies. Our Despicable Me Decorating Kits make shopping simple. You can add to the kit as needed. Balloons easily fill a room and won't bust your budget. We also have Despicable Me Balloons. Paper fans and paper lanterns are also an inexpensive way to can pack a punch add dimension to your dcor. while saving time and money. Wall and Room Decor
  • Order a personalized Minion Banner to celebrate the occasion.
  • Some additional themes from the movie are unicorns, moons, ballet, kittens and fun weapons.
  • Make large cut-outs of minions, unicorns and kittens and attach to doors and walls.
  • A Despicable Me Pinata filled with favors and candy doubles as an activity and a decoration.
  • Yellow and blue jelly beans in glass vases make a sweet addition of color to the room.
  • Stick 1 yellow and 1 blue paper fan together to make it more minion like.
Setting the Table
  • With solid color table ware, stick with yellow, blue, black and white.
  • With themed table ware, our Despicable Me Standard or Deluxe kits give you everything you need.
  • Mix it up. Coordinate themed tableware with solid napkins, cups or plates.
  • Customize the look with DIY ideas for napkin rings, cup sleeves or centerpieces.

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Despicable Me Food Ideas

We have some cute party ideas for deliciously despicable treats that are much easier than you think. They are semi-homemade with a twist: Popcorn in Minion bags
  • Serve your guests popcorn while they gather for a showing of Despicable Me.
  • Use yellow treat containers.
  • Decorate them ahead of time to look like minions.
Make a snack mix with interesting mix-ins
  • Banana chips and chocolate chips and blue M&Ms
  • Pretzels, peanuts and yellow and blue M&Ms
  • Marshmallows and grahams and with colorful cereal
  • Raisins and cereal with blue and yellow candies
Chocolate Goggles
  • Store bought mini chocolate frosted donuts
  • Gently push a skewer through two donuts carefully so as not to break the donut.
  • Keep the donuts close together to resemble goggles.
Banana Minions on a Stick
  • Peel fresh bananas
  • Cut them so that the bottom is flat and the top is rounded
  • Put a popsicle stick through the flat bottom. This is best to do while some of the peel is still on the banana so you have something to hold.
  • Melt chocolate or white chocolate using your favorite recipe. You can also use candy melts in various colors. Blue would resemble the overalls the minions wear.
  • Dip the banana in the chocolate.
  • Place the bananas on wax paper and freeze until ready to eat.

Marshmallow Minions (You can make hundred of minions with this easy and fun recipe)
  • Put marshmallows on a stick and dip them in yellow candy melts.
  • When the yellow has set, put a strip of blue fruit roll-up around the bottom
  • Use black and white frosting tubes to create Minion faces
  • Use these as little snacks or cupcake toppers.
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Despicable Me Party Favors Ideas

Send the kids home with Despicable Me party favors. You can find many things with Minion themes and colors to mix and match. Create your own party favor using yellow treat boxes decorated with Minion faces. Fill the box with:
  • Water guns
  • Pez dispenser
  • Bubbles
  • Lollipops
  • Key chains
  • Zipper pulls
  • Temporary tattoos

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