DC Superhero Girls Party Ideas

By Emily Churchill

Created on February 20, 2017

Calling all Superhero Girls! Grab your cape, your mask, and your super powers and help save the party from Harley Quinn and her band of villains!

Superhero Girls Party Decorations

Balloon garlands are the newest trend in parties and with our balloon strip it couldn’t be easier to create. These garlands are so versatile you can attach them to a table, wall, gazebo, or hang them from the ceiling or stairs. We chose signature superhero colors for this party and used it as a backdrop.

Make a statement with your table! Choose a superhero and decorate in those colors. Here we chose Supergirl as our influence. The blue table represents her top, the red tableskirt is her skirt, and yellow crepe paper is her gold belt.

A superhero party wouldn’t be complete without a skyline silhouette. All you need are black poster boards (taped together), yellow cardstock, and scissors to craft this table backdrop. If you are stumped on the shape of your skyline search for an image of your own city and pattern it after your hometown.

Superhero Girls Party Food

We loved themed food around here and with a superhero party it’s easy to fill your table with clever treats. Here are some of our favorites: Supergirl Grilled Cheese, Harley’s Hammers (caramels & pretzels), Wonder Woman Lassos (yellow Twizzlers), Poison Ivy Seeds & Vines (Sixlets and green Twizzlers), Power Rings (ring pops), Cheetah Claws (Bugles), Super Powered Superfood (veggies and fruit), Starfire’s Starbolts (snowballs), Kryptonite (rock candy), and Wham! Water with felt capes and custom labels. All of the labels can be downloaded for free for your own superhero party.

Don’t forget to dress up your water bottles! Add some colored duct tape, one of our party labels, and a custom cape for each bottle. Capes are made out of felt and can be made in no time flat. Download a free water bottle cape template. Just print, cut out, trace onto your felt, and cut.

Superhero Girls Party Activities & Favors

There are so many games you can play at a Superhero party. One of our favorites is pin the logo on Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. Whoever matches up the logo sticker to the corresponding logo on the poster wins! The great thing about this game is that the birthday girl can put the poster up in her room after the party.

Create a training course for your little superheroines so they are ready to capture the bad guy, or bad girl. Training stations could include weighting lifting: spray paint two Styrofoam balls black and attach them to a broom stick. Vine climb: attach a green rope to a sturdy tree for the guests to climb up. Lasso practice: have your guests try and grab empty water bottles, buckets, and maybe a sibling dressed as a bad guy with a yellow rope. Spiderweb weaving: give each guest a can of silly string and a target (poster of a villain perhaps) to practice their spidey-skills.

Superhero Girls Party Costume Ideas

Ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite superhero or villain! If you really want to knock the superhero socks off your guests then make each party goer their own cape and mask. It’s not as hard as you think! You can fashion the masks out of felt and ribbon. There are lots of patterns online you can follow. Capes can be made out of felt, satin, cotton, or even plastic tablecloths. The great thing about capes and masks is not only are they really cute but they double as party favors…we know you like that! Superhero wrist cuffs are also really easy and inexpensive to make. All you need are toilet paper rolls, duct tape, and ribbon.

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